February 22, 2013

cursed with a curse.


my how the tables have turned.
this time-ish last year i was complaining writing about how i had crashed like 3 computers in a matter of 2 months. i was cursed.

everything i touched turned to crap and garrett and i were on the verge of a fight every time i looked at his computer for too long. i guess he thought i was capable of destroying his computer,Medusa style, even at a distance. 

it was at that point in time that i became seriously attached to my phone. it was my one last thing. my saving grace. like Nagini, my phone was my final horcrux. (Harry Potter fans? anyone? no? okay. i'm a loser.) if it was no more then i was no more. and i would have been cut off from the world completely. 

i did everything on my phone.i emailed and facestalked. i searched the web. i webMDed myself into a handful of cases of cancer. i searched for crucial information that i absolutely needed to know right that minute. things like "how is evaporated milk made" or "why does my dog have such terrible gas?". i did everything i normally would have done on my computer, on my phone.

and then i got a used mac book. and then i got garrett's mac book pro. and then garrett's grandparents decided to give me an ipad for christmas.  (wow, right?) and i was sitting awfully pretty. and i guess my phone started to feel a little like Jessie from Toy Story when Emily grows up and leaves her under the bed for like 8 years and then decides to donate her to some goodwill-esque place in the middle of nowhere. and then sarah mclachlan gets to tugging unnecessarily hard on your heartstrings and is all "when somebody loved me, everything was beautiful..."...i think my phone was feeling that way. and i think it tried to make itself known again when it decided to jump out of my lap and crack the snot out of the screen. 

but since i was too cheap/poor/not bothered enough to fix it, i can only assume i upset it more. because, as i type, my phone is sitting on my window sill, completely charged, totally on and 100% unresponsive to anything i do to it. every thing was good and then my screen went black, mid text. and it has been black ever since. but don't worry. the sound still goes off and alerts me when someone is texting me. just so i can go crazy and yell (several times a day) "STOP TEXTING ME! I CAN'T READ IT!" (my upstairs neighbors probably think i'm illiterate.) 

life without a phone is hard. i'll say it. i'll be that girl. i'll own my first world problems. i'll admit that i often wonder how people survived before cellular telephones. (i mean, seriously though. what did people do when they were lost? or if their husband didn't come home at the time he said he would? i think i would have had way worse anxiety then than i do now.) but i'm surviving. (and i think i'm doing so WAY better than garrett ever would. attachment issues, that one.) and i honestly think if i had to, i could make to May (when my full upgrade occurs) without a phone. unless i manage to destroy the two computer and the ipad that i now have. then i'll be screwed. 

le sigh. when will this curse be lifted? how many phones/computers/ovens/cars do i have to unintentionally break and go without before i've paid my due to the technology gods? 

i'll let you know when i get the answer to that question. but you'll have to come here to read it. i can't text you. 


lyrics: release me. take another piece of me and there won't be another left.


  1. Ok, I called you and left you a message. Now I know why you never responded. I figured you were super busy with appointments. I did what you said, about asking the RS pres. or some people about doing a house party, and I wanted to talk to you about it!

    1. i'm so sorry. i promise i was not intentionally ignoring you. i wonder who else thinks i'm being a brat and not calling them back...

  2. ohhh that is awful!! i am so sorry!

  3. Oh man that's terrible. Did it hit cement, that's ridiculous how much it cracked. It sounds like it was a jealousy issue that caused it though haha.
    P.S. Pretty Living PDX sent me over.

    1. it did hit the cement. it wasn't a huge drop or anything, but it must have hit at just the right angle or something because it's super duper cracked.

  4. Oh no!!! I did all of the above with my phone. And I know what a horcrux is. That's more proof we need to hang out ASAP.

  5. Awww MANNNN!!! That is the WORST! Been there, done that.

    New follower of your blog. I'm really looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Hope you can stop by my blog and follow me back.


  6. you seriously always make me laugh out loud, my husband prob thinks im a freak.

  7. Oh that is terrible....! I remember just buying my phone and it falling out of my hands onto the concrete. So not cool.

  8. I'm so sorry, Kate! This same exact thing happened to my phone about two months ago :( I dropped it, the screen went black, but it "technically" still worked. I could still hear when I got a text or call, and would scream at my phone to shut-up, because I couldn't do anything about it.

    I was slightly frustrated. But I had an upgrade open, and got a new phone about two-three weeks after it happened.

    I wish you luck with your phone endeavors!

  9. So sorry for your phone. I am a Harry Potter fan too, so you are not a loser. I got the reference. I like your writing style. Its so outgoing if that makes sense.

  10. Gosh you poor girl are cursed. ha. I'm still working with a dumb phone (not a smart phone), entering giveaways galore to hope to win a tablet. I do have a laptop.

  11. You are hilarious. Like, really hilarious, this is so funny haha. Well I don't feel as bad anymore because I destroyed 2 computers recently in a matter of a few months also -.- go us