May 5, 2012

Triple A Friday strikes back.

i'm on garrett's computer right now.
this is sort of a big thing, because my computer is still broken and garrett has made a habit of taking his computer with him to work so he can work on his class projects during his breaks.
i know, right?

anyways, he's at a matinee movie right now and i just got back from a nasty, sweaty work out.
note to self: drink more water. it's hot out there.

so i only have a little while  before he's back home and demands i step away from his computer. (we almost got in a legit fight the other day because he swears i did something damaging to his Dreamweaver program. 
i didn't.
i was facestalking. 
it was not me.
but my track record for bad luck (especially with anything electronic) does not testify well in my favor.

moving on.

i decided that Triple A Friday was actually kind of a fun thing. but since my computer is on life support and garrett has now turned into Gollum and is "my precious"-ing everything he owns against me i wasn't able to get on a computer to post it.

and i was not about to type all of this on my phone.

so pardon the lateness of it. pretend it's still friday, okay?

Triple A Friday. (awesome. awkward. are you serious?)

-my hair is finally long enough to wear my extensions and not look like i have mullet-y layers. i wore them a lot this last week and even rocked a katniss braid. 

-getting a nice instagram reminder that my sister and i are still a lot alike despite our distance.
this is me.
this is jackie.
(taken on the same day.)
-getting a free bottle of contact solution because i checked out at the optical center in Sam's club.
-watching The Sword in the Stone and Cinderella. seriously. i love disney movies.
-finally hopping on the Draw Something train and realizing i'm nothing short of awesome at it. (i'm better at it than garrett and i'm like, wait a minute. who'se the art student here?)
-taking Gilly to a dog park for the first time. she loved it. and we loved it, too. i could spend my entire day there with dogs climbing into my lap and not complain once.
-sponsoring over at  Busy Bee Lauren and having sponsors of my own. (side note:guys, check out the blogs posted on the right. they're all fabulous. you will love.)
-having 79 followers now. (HELLO! i'm so glad you're all here. let's be friends. please comment and say hi so i know who you are!)


-accidentally driving my way into the middle of/cutting off part of a funeral procession. oops. sorry, guys. but seriously. you're driving slow. 
-playing Draw Something with Lauren from Tippee Canoe and spelling "sandal" wrong like 4 times. she thinks i'm dumb now. i'm positive. 
-walking/running an exercise loop around a park. you pass the same people twice every loop! it gets so uncomfortable. do i smile every time? avoid eye contact every time? a combination of the two? it's so weird. by the third time around the loop i felt like i should be adding them to my christmas letter list. 
-buying lingerie for a friend. i don't know why i let myself feel so awkward about it, but i think i started sweating.
-having the missionaries over for dinner and then having them LITERALLY run out of our house. i stood, frozen by the awkwardness of it all, just staring at the door they ran out of for a good 3 minutes.

are you serious?

-our neighbors did some "spring cleaning", if you will. the result of it ended up in our backyard/alley. 
we've had people digging through it for good finds for a few days now. there's nothing in there.
-sweeping up an entire dogs worth of fur thrice in one week. seriously, gilly? how do you do it?
-realizing i would have won $10,000 had i been the tone-deaf girl on an episode of The Singing Bee. what's more upsetting is that they did Don't Stop Believing as a final song! anyone who doesn't know the words to that song hasn't just lost $10,00-they've lost hope, dignity and any sense of respect i may have ever had for them.
-painting my nails PERFECTLY (that does not happen. like ever.) and then smudging the snot out of them an hour later. what the? i thought you were dry!
-oh, and my computer being a piece and not turning on. 

so that's Triple A Friday.
i hope you enjoyed.
i also hope i'll be able to remedy this computer situation because i'm fairly certain i will lose it completely if i can't.
happy weekend. i'm going to bathe off some sweat and hairspray.


lyrics: to everything...there is a season..and a time to every purpose under heaven.

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