August 14, 2012

and there was much rejoicing.

i have a computer.
and it works!
my (little) brother in law was gracious enough to give me his old macbook since he got a macbook pro for chrissamissa last year and had no need for two computers.

(insert hallelujah chorus here)

i am a happy girl.
and you should all be happy readers because i will be able to blog like every stinking day now!

i know, i know. you're thrilled, too.
it's hard not to be.
especially since i'm like the coolest blogger i know.
(that's a joke. i hope you are all keenly aware of that.)

but seriously. i am extremely grateful to have a computer in working condition. and i am so freaking excited to be able to edit and post all of the pictures i've taken in the past 6 months.

okay, i'm actually a little overwhelmed to do all of that, but i'm still grateful.

in other news, i'm in california. i've been here for a little over a week and garrett and i have been having  such a good time with his family. we spent last week practically living in our swimmy suits. we had a lot of fun spending our days on a boat and our evenings watching the Olympics with the family.

as soon as i get my pictures on this computer, i'll post all about the fun we had.
get excited.

i have to go bathe now. i'm in my last week of insanity and i am still sweaty betty every time i do it.
have i ever mentioned how passionately opposed to showering every day i am?
...i'm a gross kid. go ahead and judge.
i don't even care.
i have a computer.


lyrics: even if i've changed, what's wrong with it?


  1. congrats on the computer! that's kind of an important part to being the coolest blogger we know. ;) now get on that thing and blog some more!

  2. thanks for sharing.