February 21, 2013

sometimes i ramble.

i love a good shameless selfie. and i hate that i just used the word selfie.

so apparently it's Thursday and i don't have a single clue where the week has gone. but i can only assume it has gone to the very same place every single pair of sunglasses i have ever owned has ventured off to.

(seriously though. expensive. cheap. moderately priced. it does not matter. it is guaranteed that i will lose a pair of sunglasses within 2 months of owning them. including the pair of crappy, electric blue SUPER CUTS sunglasses i yoinked from my little brother in law last summer. lost.)

so yes, it's Thursday and i had every intention of blogging yesterday. but then my landlord stopped by with a new refrigerator to install. this was because our other fridge was ginormous and glorious to behold, yes, but it was also a piece of poop that constantly froze shut and also leaked a superfluous amount of water. and i always discovered that water while wearing socks.

what is it about wet socks that just ruin the whole day?

also, it is the freezer that caused the demise of my back. (i have an anular tear in my spinal something. please don't ask questions. i most likely don't know the answers. i just know it hurts and that i had to get an MRI and an epidural. and that sometimes if i twist and shout bend
at the same time it pretty much means i'm out of order for a few days.)

this post is going in several directions i had not intended for it to go.  
where was i?


so i intended on blogging, but the refrigerator ordeal created a ginormous mess that took the better part of my afternoon to clean up. and then garrett came home an hour and fifteen minutes early from class and at that point my day/schedule was so weirdly disturbed i could do nothing but sit on the couch and watch The Office.

until i remembered that i had a client coming at 5:00pm for a cut and color and also that i had forgotten to put dinner in the crock pot. 

yesterday was weird.
but it was a really good makeup day. so that's a win. i mean..not even wet socks can ruin a good makeup day.


lyrics: my life has become a boring pop song and everyone's singing along.


  1. you have seriously the prettiest eyes! sometimes days are weird. 5pm client?! yuck.

    1. thanks, deary. i appreciate that. and yes, 5pm. i don't mind late clients if i like them. :)

  2. Wet socks are awful. I don't know about you but even if I know where the water came from I feel like I have to clean my feet after the whole ordeal.
    I am also a famous misplacer of sunglasses. I never know where those buggers go to. When I moved I found a few of them but now I have no idea where they are.
    Sorry yesterday was weird, hopefully today is better!
    P.S. I agree with Helene!
    Also Pretty Living PDX sent me over :)

  3. it seriously WAS a good makeup day! I'm also guilty of selfies every now and then. It cant be helped

  4. I had an annular tear when I lived in Utah, if the epidural doesn't work or last, ask about a nerve block. I was in pain for several months, walking with a cane because the tear was leaking on my sciatic nerve- my husband would push me around the store on a shopping cart.

    Anyway, I finally got a nerve block (after the epidural didn't work) and it changed everything! It's been 2 years now and I don't have any issues. I think it can wear off eventually, but nothing yet. Keep it in mind, hope you feel better! Back pain is the worst!!

  5. So I was thinking...let's combine meeting with a hair appointment? Yes? I need a haircut!

  6. This made me laugh...and I needed a good laugh. Thank you!! Also...totally agree. Wet socks are the pits.

  7. Great selfie! You're a beaut! Pretty Living sent me! :)

  8. Haha I HATE wet socks! Glad it was a good makeup day, though!

  9. Oh my goodness, I seriously loose ALL my sunglasses too. WHY is it that we loose them.. I just don't understand.. that and socks.. :) I didn't know you did hair! That must be why yours always looks so good! :)
    Visiting from Pretty Living :)

  10. Selfless are ok...especially when it's a good one! Wet socks on the other hand...the worst!

    New follower, when I loved someone's blog design and found you to be the creator. Hello new friend!