February 26, 2013

brought to you by the letter "O"

so, good news:
i saw a dog today. (name that movie.)
my oven got fixed today.
it had seriously been broken since like June of 2012 (but it took a batch or five of melty, gooey, uncooked on the bottom brownies for me to realize something was amiss. it's just hard to feel like something is wrong when the result is melty, gooey, uncooked on the bottom brownies, you know?)
but it was definitely broken and chicken just isn't as awesome when it's uncooked and gooey on the bottom. in fact, it's sort of foul. (pun intended.) anyways, for reasons i still don't totally understand, it took my landlord lo, these 8 months to fix  our broken oven..
i don't even..whatever.

the fact of the matter is that it is fixed and i am legitimately thrilled about it. the list of baking/cooking that i have to do is extensive. pretty much everything i've pinned onto my 
Sweet Tooth and Peanut Butter boards. (YES, i do have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my weird love for peanut butter. judge me.) and half of the stuff on my Nom Nom Nom board. but up first will definitely be my Aunt Marla's AMAZING and super secret recipe Chocolate Chip cookies. 


watch out, thighs oven. it's about to get real.

in other news, i watched the Oscar's the other night. i'm not usually super celebrity life oriented. (which is probably why i'm posting this 2 days later) and i'm not really hip to the groove on pop culture (ie: i didn't know Anne Hathaway was married. or that she is supposed to be the butt of every joke? i'm still not sure why that is.) but i like movies. and i like pretty dresses. so watching the Oscar's seemed like it could be fun.

i won't go into a ton of boring details about the movies or the awards won or the fact that Kristen Stewart should have won an Oscar for the hottest of all hot messes.

but i will say this:
Jennifer Lawrence and i would for shizzle be biffle friends. if you need more proof, watch this video.

it's like we're the same person. 
except she's famous. 
and has an Oscar. 
and probably doesn't have a Pinterest board dedicated to peanut butter. 
but aside from that, it's like we're the same person.

but in all seriousness, only someone as awesome and i mean truly awesome as Jennifer Lawrence can kick booty in the Hunger Games, pull off a GORGEOUS Dior dress AND manage to be MORE lovable after falling up the stairs as she goes to accept an Oscar for Best Actress.

JLaw, when we meet, we'll eat McDonald's fries together and make all the weird faces in the world. because that's how we roll, bestie. oh, and also, i won't refer to you as JLaw. Because celebrity names drive us nuts.


lyrics: tonight i'll dream while in my bed when silly thoughts go through my head...i can tell that we are gonna be friends.


  1. Haha. You crack me up! I love puns and baking, but not gummy chicken. I love Jennifer Lawrence...and I didn't know Anne Hathway was married either. Can't wait for our v-blate tomorrow!

  2. Ha that video was awesome. Loved this post, you are so funny . Im confused why the girl above me just posted the word elf.

  3. I LOVE her! Also all 3 of the previous comments are awesome. Oh and please take me with you when and if you meet her ;)

  4. Looks like we will all be over to try out all of these amaing pinterest baked goods! Start baking....we will form a line at the door! :)

  5. That was brilliance! I love her and if you're like the same person, then I want to meet you girl. She so genuine and uncensored.
    Glad I found your blog on lifeoncountryside. Just joined in!

  6. Did you see the video of Jack Nicholson interrupting her interview at the Oscars. So great! You should watch it. Love her!

    Found your blog via Blog Connect. Love it!!


  7. I freaking love Jennifer lawrence!

  8. JLaw is totally cool enough to have a Board dedicated to PB.

  9. cute blog!!!