October 2, 2012

the one about random crap.

and now for the blog post where i write random things that have happened because i missed my Triple A Friday  and i feel like i'll forget all this crap before next friday.

-pinterest and i broke up over the summer. i was bored. it was really just a matter of growing apart. it just didn't feel special anymore. but as we began that rounding corner into fall, i found myself missing pinterest. with hesitation, i took one more visit. just to see if there was any chemistry, any hint of a spark between us still. fireworks. i'm happy to say that pinterest and i have been together now for several weeks. and we are doing well.

(and for the record, i seriously suggest you give these recipes a try:
pumpkin better than sex cake
cue drooling. 

crockpot creamy ranch chicken
salted caramel rolo cupcakes
salted chocolate pretzel toffee/crack bark...or crarck.
and then bust out your journal because your life will be changed. and you'll want to document a moment like that. )

-i got my first epidural a few weeks ago. because my back blows. and my dad is awesome. it was hurting me a lot. like a lot, a lot. like garrett had to help me put my underoos on kind of pain. so my dad decided an epidural would be beneficial to me. and hey, if the whole family is out to dinner already, why not stop by the old hospital and get an epidural? like dessert for the spine. 
here are some pictures garrett took as he sat, queasy and i think shaking, and observed my father and brother in law in action.
my feet remained elevated and in constant circular motion. because hey, if i was going to be paralyzed, i needed to be the first to know about it. i had my panic attack planned out in my head.

there's a needle in my back, guys. just sticking out.

if you look supa, supa close, you can see my spine.


i had a trap stamp for a minute. but then my dad wiped it off. typical dad move.

sidenote: has anyone else ever had an epidural  like this? if so, did it feel like concrete was being pumped into your spinal column? because wow.

-garrett started school a couple of weeks ago. his classes this quarter are all studio classes (that means they all require copious amounts of project/design time rather  than study/testing time) the first day of school he realized two things:
1) he would need to update to CS6 (that's creative suite 6-adobe illustrator, photoshop, dream works and InDesign)  and 2) that his "old" (2009) mac book pro would need to be updated to the new mac book pro in order for CS6 to run smoothly and the way it needs to in order for his projects to get done.
so, after a not so extensive process, his incredibly kind grandparents gave him an early birthday present.  and guess who has the "old" computer? that's right. this girl. (and yeah, it's cool. i only had to go 14 months without a working computer. looks like someone is spoiled. :) (sidenote: i kid. we are extremely, extremely grateful to Nana and Poppy for their generosity and willingness to help garrett in his schooling.)

-i've lost 7.5 lbs. so that's coolio.

-my car blew up. also coolio. false. it was the gosh darn scariest thing ever. there was a loud shot of noise and then my entire car was consumed in smoke. i ened the phone conversation i was having with my sister by saying, "jackieihavetogomycarisonfire" and then i pulled out my key and hopped out of the car and into the smoke. it was sort of humiliating...being that i was first in line at a red light when this happened. the diagnois is still TBD, but i won't lie, i am fearful of Fritz's future. cross your fingers and toes.
fritzy from the tow truck side mirror. poor boy.

-i have been doing a butt load of hair lately. seriously. i work out of my house and for every client i finish, i find out about two new appointments/new clients. it's been sort of busy/crazy, but i love it.

-my hair still sucks. but i did curl it for the first time since my wedding last week.
this is my 'i don't know how people actually look good in mirror pictures' pose/face.
-my parents move to st. george in t-minus 4 weeks. whoa.

-my insides are a hot, hot mess. ohhey, dr. gyno! your reaction of "what?! well, that's just not acceptable." truly makes me feel good. and healthy. and in no way nervous about what is going on in my lady organs. 

-garrett and i started watching How I Met Your Mother. as it turns out, it's kind of great. but as we near season 3, i still find myself loving Friends maybe more.

-i'm wearing month and a half old contacts. so thingzz is a bit blurry. if you know what i mean. if you don't wear contacts, you don't. you just don't.

-i get more excited for the impending fall/winter seasons every single day. and i don't care what you say, there are gods crafting the fall candles at Bath and Body Works this year.

-and i had to self check out 2 weeks worth of groceries last night. because apparently people don't do "excessive" shopping at 11:30 at night. thanks, kroger. you're a gem.

...that's all. 


lyrics: you never live If you never learn. you never shine if you never burn.


  1. when youz gonnna come see my sweet baby?

  2. Hey skinny mini! How do you lose weight whilst making all those goodies?!

  3. Love that picture of you! I think I love every picture of you though, haha! Youre just so dang pretty my friend! I HATE when they dont have any real check out lines open at night. Always happens to me.