May 20, 2013


i was super lame last week and only blogged one time. hardly acceptable.

i'll do better this week. and i'll try to snap a picture or two. since i haven't done that even at all in like two weeks.

i would do a weekend update post, but my weekend was mostly just doing hair appointments, cleaning, little errands and blog design. nothing special there. 

so let's talk about something else.

the closer and closer we get to leaving for Utah the more i find my mind wandering off into memories of the past and the really fantastic times i had while living there in my college days.(and by college, i clearly mean hair school and a little bit of college.)

true, i had quite a few not so fantastic times there, too. but the mind is a marvelous, self healing organ and it tends to send those memories to the back and bring the good ones forward. also, therapy and several hundred prozac played a part in that healing process. so there's that.


when my mind goes back to my "college" days, i remember the two apartments i lived in.

these were my first homes away from home. the year before i moved to provo i was living in dorms. and while i feel experiencing dorm life is just an absolute essential rite of passage, it doesn't really give you a chance to make it your own. it's hardly a place to call home. 

but these apartments were different. they were home. they felt as much like home as a place could without it actually being the house i grew up in.

i cycled through eleven roommates while living in provo. some of them were incredibly good friends. some of them were super annoying and had really obnoxious habits that made me want to scream. like, i'm sorry it's 6:45 am and you are running up and down the stairs like someone has started a small fire in your panties. and you slam the front door like an angry teenager fighting with her mother. every. single. day.
some were quirky and odd. some were downright disgusting. pretty sure one could have had her tiny, private bedroom made into an entire Hoarders episode. one, i'm fairly certain, was still attached to her mother via umbilical cord and was almost never seen not on the phone with mommy dearest. one turned making out with her fiance into an olympic sport. and it was about as awesome as shuffle boarding to watch. one cooked food that smelled like Alpo. and one fell down the stairs in front of a whole room full of people and i laughed so hard i had to walk outside because people were judging me. (also, i just spent 5 straight minutes wheezing and gasping for air and trying to tell that whole story to garrett. seriously hysterical.)

one of them was with me the whole time though. she was (and is) my best friend and we were fortunate enough to be able to live together without wanting to kill each other. it's a delicate balance, living with your best friend. we took a risk of ruining everything the day i moved into our first apartment. i was brand new to Provo. she had already lived there two years. she had friends and a life and she could have easily found reasons to regret inviting me to live with her. but she didn't. 

us. 2007.

and together she and i experienced all of the weird or funny or fantastic roommates who came and went. 

i love my current roommates. if you don't know how much i love garrett and gilly then this is probably your first time reading this blog. i love them. i love being a wife. i love gilly in a way that makes people judge me. like, i would put a bonnet on her and push her around in a little pram if i could. i love my current roommates. 

but that doesn't mean i don't miss my past ones and all the fun i got to have with them. 

i miss living room slumber parties. i miss pushing the couches together and creating a giant crib of sorts and watching Disney movies/America's Next Top Model for hours on end. i miss getting ready together. i miss late night kitchen conversations. i miss game nights and movie nights and the insignificant things that would happen that would make us literally roll on the floor in laughter. i miss late night trips to walmart. i miss party going and party throwing and evening walks through town. i miss knowing that i only had to take a short trip through the apartment to get to my best friend's door. i miss being able to be with them in their hard times. i miss crying with them or making them laugh. i miss them crying with me.

i miss halloween shenanigans.  

i miss the festival of colors.


i miss walking to classes together.

i miss making these faces with these people.
for the record, this one was blown up and framed in our apartment.

and this one was taken on sarah's (center) wedding day.

i miss random acts of weirdness.

like the giant spoon of 2007.

and the time we went tandem bike riding.
and the time brittany came home at 2am with a turkey in her purse.
and that time our makeup was too dark.

and the time we tested the theory of mayonaise being a good deep conditioner.

and the time we stuck fries up our noses. in public.
and the time we had to plunge our sink.
and the time we bought roller blades on a whim and roller bladed our way through the entire city of Provo. 

and the time we got super christmasy and made a christmas cake.

and the time we played messy twister. 

i miss going to special events 
like my very first BYU football game.

and our close friends' weddings.
and temple square at christmas.
and to graduations, of course.

there will forever and for always be a special little place in my heart for my roommate friends. 

i faced some difficult stuff while i was in provo. my life took weird turns and plans i thought i could make for myself didn't work out. i sent garrett on a mission. i attempted to wait for him. i dated. i moved. i completed hair school. i started college again. i went from blonde to red to blonde to brown to bronde and back to blonde again. i went through a breakup so brutal it could have made history books. i met a buttload of boys who were all total jerks and treated me like a piece of crap. and i know in all of my drama i wasn't the best friend or roommate to them. but they stuck around. and saved my life. and forgave me. and loved me. and in all of my personal turmoil, they were my home. 

and that's what i remember when i think about my utah times. i remember fun filled days and late night laughter. (and no, i did not intend for that alliteration to be so perfect.) i remember my roommates and the friends we made and the fun we had together. the mind is a marvelous, self healing organ that sends bad memories to the back and brings good ones forward. but it definitely helps when the memories coming forward are as good as the ones i have. 

i know my summer in utah will be different this time around. and that's fine. i'm different. my life is different. but different isn't bad. and i just hope i can make a few memories as awesome as the ones i already have as i get to reunite with a few of my very favorite roommates.

two more weeks!


lyrics: long live all the mountains we moved. i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.


  1. Ah, memories are the greatest!!!! :) This made me relive college too! :P

  2. Very sweet! Love all these pics and the story. And Halloween! :)

  3. ahhh i got to spend the weekend with my 3 old roomies and it made me missing living with them so much!!! i mean don't get me wrong i love the bf, but every time we're back together all i can think of is the friends episode where monica realizes she is moving in with Chandler and she goes 'i have to live with a boyyyyyyy' and if you don't watch friends this story was pointless, but I could find the youtube clip of it for you ;)

  4. Seriously, the mind is amazing when you think back. College was one of the hardest times, but it was also so fun! Looks like you had some awesome roomies :)

  5. i love you, best friend. this made me cry and laugh a lot. I can't wait for y'all to get here. You should post the video of the massive moth of 2008. <3 you

  6. This is the sweetest thing!! I have had some crazy roommates too. (one time one of them burned down my kitchen. it was an ordeal.)

    But actually, I am commenting (and following) because your second apartment, CVS is in my ward!!!! Hahahaha I live in Belmont and we are bonded for life with the CVS and CVN girls. You are the coolest. I am pretty sure we are going to be grand friends.

    PS I am new. I found you because I creeped on your comment over at Life of Bon. Amen.

  7. This is the sweetest thing ever and it looks like you guys had some awesome times. Now that I live with a boy I soo miss having my best girlfriends as roommates at times. Someone to get ready with at all times, three different closets to raid, a built in workout buddy, the list goes on and on!