May 8, 2013

the hairy truth.

welcome to the second week of The Truth About linkup. this week's co-hosts are 
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join us as we tell The Truth About Our Jobs. 

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Eloquent Graffiti
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Eloquent Graffiti"><img src="" alt="Eloquent Graffiti" style="border:none;" /></a></div> - I consider my hair color ombre in the sense that I desperately need to get my roots done.

it's pretty fortunate that the ombre hairstyle becoming the newest thang seamlessly coincided with my poverty level and inability to afford getting my hair done. 

but as it turns out, a lot of other people can afford to get their hair done. and i'm grateful for them. because without them i wouldn't have a job. and without a job i wouldn't be able to write in this link up. 

so here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my job. 

1. the truth is: i work from home. along with a cosmetology license, i earned a number of horror stories (fit for a whole different blog post) that made the phrase "i am never, ever, ever working in a salon" a sort of life motto. after being totally jaded and scared for a while, i eventually learned to love doing hair again, but i still have no desire to work in a salon. yes, i would if i absolutely needed to, but right now my license is still based in Utah and i'm doing just fine working from home. also, my car is broken. soo...

2. the truth is: i'm not entirely sure what to call myself. cosmetologist? hair stylist? hair dresser? beautician? i don't know. but beautician sort of weirds me out and makes me feel like Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias.


3. the truth is: people assume i'm dumb. when i moved to Provo (home of BYU) i met a crap ton of people. when meeting people in a college town and of college age, you always ask the same 2 questions: where are you from? and what are you studying? conversations while i was in cosmetology school almost always went like this:

person: where are you from?
me: savannah, georgia. you?
person: (insert some un-interesting place here.)
me: very cool. what are you studying?
person: (insert some academically challenging major here) you?
me: oh, i'm actually in cosmetology school right now.

the conversation usually ended there. if they were sort of nice they would make  some pathetic remark about life in cosmetology school (oh, i bet that's nice. no homework, right?) but most of the people i met (guys especially) just assumed i was legitimately stupid and unable to succeed in a real education. and, feeling obviously above me, they sought not to further our special chat.

also, can we talk briefly how this assumption of stupidity went so far to the point that a guy i actually DATED wouldn't hang out with me (pre-dating, obviously) until he asked me a few questions to test my general knowledge.

i will never forget receiving the text from him that said, "you have 2 minutes to tell me everything you know about the Battle of Waterloo. Go."

(yes, i dated that guy. yes, i even longed to marry that guy. let's just chalk that up to me being especially good at forgiving and forgetting..)

but lesbehonest, as shocked as i was to receive the text, i would have LOVED to have seen his face when he got the text back from me that said something along the lines of "wow. umm..well, it was in 1815. it was a Napoleonic war that was fought in Belgium by the French and some other Europeans. Napoleon and the french army lost."

the details were absent, yes, but i knew the general gist of it. and i know he wasn't expecting that.

and if anyone were to quiz me in such a condescending way now, i would end it like this:

 4. the truth is: because i work from home, people assume i also work for free.
make that 2,000 hours. thanks.
i honestly don't know why it is. i can't even wrap my brain around it enough to come up with some sort of witty comment. it just blows my mind. maybe it's because they know me that they think it's free ninety-nine? maybe because i'm not working in a salon they think that i'm  not that great at doing hair and they shouldn't have to pay for assumedly sub-par service? it's difficult to say. but i had a man pay me in oreos once. and they weren't even double stuffed. 

5. the truth is: box color sucks. stop using it. rare are the color corrections that don't begin with "well, i used a box color.."

6. the truth is: i cannot read minds. but i really wish i could. because i know people hold things back. i've done it. you've done it. we have all done it. the bangs aren't quite like you wanted but you're not going to say anything because somehow living with hair you're unhappy with for the next 6-8 weeks seems like a better idea than asking the woman to trim them up a bit more. why do we do this? i don't know. but it drives me absolutely bonkers when i'm the one behind the chair. i would much rather take a bit more time to make my clients happy with their hair than have them go home upset because i failed them. 

7. the truth is: those are extensions. since i've been doing hair i have seen enough pictures of Carrie Underwood to make me worthy of being a paparazzi stalker. 

this picture, to be specific.

but the fact of the matter is that aint her real hair, lieutenant dan! (please know that movie reference) is it beautiful? yes. would i love to have it, too? yes. but it's not her real hair. and i can style and roundbrush and smooth the snot out of your hair but unless you have perfectly thick, perfectly healthy and perfectly placed hair all the time, you are not likely going to have this EXACT same look without a little help from the extension gods. and even then it might not be the EXACT same. because come on. also, just as a side note: i wish people realized how done Carrie's hair still is in this picture. it's not a wild and crazy updo, it's not a buttload of curls. but i promise you sister did not roll out of bed, comb through her hair once and then walk the red carpet like some sort of Disney Princess. there was still quite a bit of work put into this perfectly coiffed style. and while it looks like it may be low maintenance,you will have to spend more than 2 minutes blow drying, round brushing and curling those face framing layers to make them look that good.

 and in case you don't believe anything i've said about carrie and her hair pieces, here is a picture of her natural hair.

still pretty. but much more real looking.  

8. the truth is: there's a look and i don't have it. picture your hair person. i'm sure he/she has the look. he/she is either perfectly put together with all the latest and greatest fashions and styles or he/she is just a little bit grungy- but in an intriguing, 'i wish i could pull of that weird chest tattoo' sort of way. and i just don't have either look. i remember being incredibly self-conscious about this issue while i was in school. i'm mostly over it now. but not entirely. sometimes i wish i had the look. and then i remember i can't afford the first look and the second one requires me to tattoo pistols on my chest and pierce something not on my face so...c'est la vie.

9. the truth is: people really do tell you everything. maybe they feel an obligation to speak to the person who is touching their head for 3 hours straight and they just speak whatever comes to mind? i'm not sure. but i've witness the airing of some dirty laundry in my day.

10. the truth is: i love it. i love doing hair. does it take eons to foil through an entire head of thick hair that hits below the waist? yes. does it take a toll on my back and feet to stand that long? definitely. does it get frustrating from time to time? yes. but i love it. i love the look people get when the cape comes off. they're happy and confident and i love knowing that i contributed to that. i love having a job that doesn't usually feel like work. i get to talk, listen to music, wear what i want and work around my own schedule and life. i love being able to be creative, to use my hands to create a look. i love the diversity of it. it's not the same thing every single day so it never gets boring. i hated school. i really did. it was a rough patch in my life. but i  really love doing hair now. 

and that's the honest truth.

link up and share the truth about your job with us!


lyrics: your hair is everywhere. screaming infidelities and taking it's wear. 


  1. I used a box color. I did. I did it! I'm sorry :/ that is soo true about the "look". My current hairdresser is a grandmother of two and her hair is two inches long and purple. Go figure.

  2. girl you can come back to Savannah and do my hair anytime!

  3. HAH I love how your so honest in this. I work in a college town but look like a student so when I am walking around campus they think I am student and I get the same thing about what I am studying..except I went to school online and I get the same look..not cool.

  4. I'm sorry hun but the box is only 3 dollars so I'm sticking to it!

  5. Ok for real, salons can be a joke, I'm glad that I like mine! By the end of cosmetology school I was convinced that I never wanted to work with girls ever again!
    People even expect me to do their hair "cheap" or for free. I can't even begin to tell you how many times people have been like, "Oh, you do hair? Do you want to do mine for super cheap?!" Um... no....
    #6 is so true! I wrote something about it on mine and then deleted it because it was kind of mean sounding the way I put it. If someone even seems the slightest bit not thrilled with their hair (which apparently a lot of people are just emotionless and don't express their love for their new hair style I've been told), I always tell them to feel free to tell me anything they wish was different because I won't be offended and I want them to be happy with their hair. I found this funny ecard that said something like, "My hairstylist guarantees their work, the problem is, whenever I'm unhappy with my hair I tell everyone but them." Yep... pretty much.
    I absolutely LOVE the people who come in and think that their fine, thin hair can look EXACTLY like the thick, luscious hair of the person in their picture with my magic wand.... that I do not have! It's the best! I wish everyone would be like that.
    Oh man, there are so many things that I was going to write about and didn't and you said it nicely! :) I think there are so many great "truths" that come with our job.
    Ok, I will stop writing a mini post in your comment section now! :)

  6. Um...I offered to pay you in wine. Please don't hate me. LOL! I was only kidding, of course! I know, box color is horrible for your hair. I know. I will come to you one day. I promise :)

  7. Savannah, GA? Um, love that city. I lived in Brunswick for training for 7 months and went to Savannah every weekend or so.

    Box color. Oops. I know it's bad, but it's only $6. I also know it's bad to trim my own bangs, but I keep doing it. And my ends.

    After confession, I feel so much better. :)

  8. Ohh, I love this post. That seems like, wonderful, for all those reasons you named. That is totally lame how people act. I might feel a little sheepish because I have one of those seemingly smart degrees and I literally could not tell you ONE measly fact about Waterloo. That boy is a dummy pants. Not you. Or me! :)

  9. PS- Carrie may have great hair on the red carpet but she also has deodorant chunks. Just sayin...

  10. Love this post! I have a history degree, and my synopsis of Waterloo would have been maybe as detailed as yours, but probably less so. So weird that he picked Waterloo, of all things, to quiz you on!

    I box color, but my stylists always say "you did it yourself? It looks really good" so that's how I delude myself into thinking it's ok. Plus if I don't like it, it was cheap:)

    And, the deodorant chunks comment cracked me up, I had to scroll up to see for myself!

  11. I can't believe people are that sensitive to stereotypes about cosmetologists. I know many (including my sister) and they are all far from stupid. Loved these though, I'll have to share them with my sister :)

  12. wait so you're saying i can't take a pic of carrie's hair into my stylist and in 3 hours have my legs, face, and hair look like hers. well sheeeet.

  13. YES!! I beat Brittany!

    Forrest Gump.

  14. um. Who buys Oreos that aren't double stuffed? The only exception is birthday cake Oreos. Cheapskate.

    Also, the ombre trend was made for mother's. I'm pretty sure my roots have grown out 2 inches but you can't tell! Uuuhnn nah nah nah nah!

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  16. Ah, I think you sound fab! I have jusdt got rid of my ombre hair as I'd had it for over two years but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it!Rx