May 14, 2013

glass and gluten.

this picture has zero relevance to this post. i just love how awkward i can be.

you can always tell when things get a little chaotic busy in my life because my blog begins to gather a little bit of dust. and by blog i clearly mean instagram, facebook and twitter as well. 

in just over 2 weeks garrett, gilly and i will be cramming 3 months worth of our lives into a jetta and beginning our drive to Utah for the summer. i keep feeling like i just drove across the country with garrett. and then i remember it's because i did. granted, it was 6 months ago, not 6 days ago. but if you've ever made that 2,000ish mile haul (in 3 days) then you'll know that 6 months isn't nearly a long enough span of time between trips. 

and now we face it with a dog. a big dog. with a buttload of anxiety. we bought gilly some anti-anxiety drops. apparently you just drop it onto her food or into her water and it eases her troubled mind without totally knocking her out. we haven't tested it yet because we haven't had a reason to. so cross your fingers it actually works and she doesn't try to launch herself, head first, through the windshield again.

as thrilled as i am to have someone subleasing our house while we're in utah, i'm beginning to get a little nervous for all of my stuff. not that i think for one second that the girl staying here would intentionally hurt/damage/break anything. it's just that life happens. and sometimes things break even when we're not trying to break them. like that time my presence caused my roommate's ENTIRE bathroom mirror to detach from the wall and shatter.

umm...i just own caution tape, okay?

and i just have this image of me coming home to all of my appliances being broken and all of my pots and pans being scratched and all of my knives having rust stains on them. and hey, why not, all of my mirrors  being broken.

my brain is slightly dramatic. 

but in my defense, the first week i had my kitchen-aid (a birthday gift from my mom-2 weeks before my wedding) one of my roommates (a girl i really didn't know well at all) asked if she could use it to make something. i didn't mind. so i let her. and in an attempt to be thoughtful and respect my things, she washed the mixing bowl. but she did so by putting it in the dishwasher. and ever since then it has had just the slightest bit of dinginess to it. because that bowl should forever and always be hand washed. 

so i fear 3 months of that kind of stuff going on with everything i own! 
and that freaks me out a bit.

but what doesn't freak me out is the thought of being in utah for a whole summer, being able to see my two best friends and meet their babies (which they will both be delivering while i'm there)and getting to eat jdawgs again. oh, sweet, succulent jdawgs. it has been far too long.

also, i get to meet some awesome blog friends. and see a lot of family on both sides. and go to a wedding or two that i wouldn't have been able to go to if i were still in utah. 

and when i think of all of those things, i'm not freaked out anymore. i'm just really, super excited. 

so let's focus on those things, shall we? 

anyways, i need to go do something. like finish a blog design or find a gluten free dinner recipe that i can whip up for tonight.

oh, did i mention garrett is gluten intolerant now? yeah...

he's had a rash on his elbows and knees for like 4 months now and he just found out there's a good chance it's the same rash that is linked to Celiac Disease. so we've been experimentally gluten-freeing it up for some days now and his rash is starting to actually clear up and heal.

so that's inconvenient.

i feel ya, Darryl. i feel ya.

and this concludes another weird, slightly disjointed, semi-whiny post.



lyrics: it just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride.


  1. i can only imagine that trip feels like its happening again so soon!
    wishing you (and your dog) the best!
    keep us posted!

  2. that mirror is straight up scary movie stuff with the caution tape and everything. not cool. fingers crossed for your stuff this summer.

  3. This is so great. For the sake of all things holy I will pray that Gilly doesn't launch himself out of the car window.

    PS Because we are so cheap we bought a buzzer thing on amazon and I have been cutting Tim's hair with it. It is pretty hilarious. Good thing he has the thickest hair in the entire world so you cant see any holes haha!

  4. first of all-- remember how we took pictures to prove to marcia that we had NOTHING to do with the mirror shattering?

    Secondly-- i absolutely cannot wait for you to come out and be my best friend again in close proximity.

    Thirdly-- see #2 again. love you

  5. I can't believe Gilly did that to your windshield!! Poor thing. Hope the anxiety meds work. Also, my brother in law got diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few months ago and my sister in law said cutting out all their gluten wasn't that hard. You will have to let me know I you come across any yummy GF recipes!

  6. Can't wait for you to get here!!!

  7. Cuuute outfit. And yummo jdawgs, it's been too long for me as well. Aaand celiac disease? Such a bummer if he is, but it's nice (sort of) that it's not so rare anymore so there's lots of gluten free stuff these days...also, I know some people who give their pups Benadryl to calm them a bit and it totally works!

  8. I would be completely freaking out about leaving my stuff with a stranger for an entire summer. I've had some cray-cray roommates! Not to freak you out more or anything, lol. I just know how you feel.

    But it is super exciting and those are some AWESOME incentives for the trip! your friends' babies AND jdawgs? (i have no idea what that is but my imagination says hot dogs and that right there is awesome)

  9. HAHA I would be freaking out about leaving my stuff too and for leaving for a few normal!

  10. You look super cute in that photo at the top (despite the awkward that you are obviously feeling haha).
    I would feel the same way leaving my stuff in other people's hands for three months, I honestly don't think I could do it!