January 13, 2014

2013 RECAP

before we get too far into the new year, i'd like to do a little recap of 2013. 

i know most bloggers did this like 2 months ago but whatever. i'm obviously not like most bloggers since i took like a 6 month break from blogging and also i'm not all that fancy, i don't do fashion posts, my house isn't perfectly decorated and well, you get it. 


to begin, i will show you this photo slide show i made. i'm sure these things were a one week wonder and are no longer a thing, but whatever. when have i ever been hip to the groove with anything? besides, i have a lot of pictures and it's just way easier this way. 

also, FYI, there is music so if you don't want to hear it, just turn your sound off. you're welcome. but for the record, it's a good song. so...maybe don't turn your sound off.

2013 Recap by Slidely Slideshow

and now a verbal 2013 review:

my parents moved away. and it was hard.

garrett got laid of from his job. and it was hard. 

my maternal grandmother passed away. and it was harder. 

garrett got re-hired at the same job. and it was weird.

i started a blog design business. and it was actually pretty successful. 

my hair doing business also started to pick up a lot. and we actually made a few dollars.

we spent spring break in south carolina with my sister. and gilly was the happiest pup ever.

i turned 25. and it was DEpressing. (that capital DE was for mental sound emphasis.)

garrett was accepted for a summer internship in Salt Lake City. and there was much rejoicing.

garrett and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary. and i was like uhh.. where has time gone?

after a whirlwind month, garrett and i moved across the country for the summer. and it was a long drive for gilly. 

i met Kelsey from Stories of Kel. and she is awesome. 

garrett and i went to our friends Adam and Amanda's wedding. and it was beautiful. (Newport is tops.)

garrett and i ate just like a shiz ton of delicious utah food. and i had zero regrets. 

my two best friends had their babies. and i got to meet/love them.

i flew from Utah to Atlanta to spend a week with my mom and sisters/nieces & nephews. and it was a sweaty, humid blast. 

garrett was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. and it was kind of daunting. 

summer ended and we drove back to georgia. and we quickly began missing our utah summer.

2 weeks after being home, we moved out of our house and into my parent's unsold house the next town over. and it was...whatever. don't talk to me. i hate moving.

garrett started school again and designed incredible stuff. and i was like wowza. my husband is talented.

i did Insanity for like the eleventy billionth time. and i broke my spine. sort of. 

i was on bed rest for like 3 weeks. and it was a freaking blast  was miserable and painful and boring and i worried about bed sores like the whole time.

garrett turned 26. and he realized he's going to die one day.  and we had a party for him.

my whole family came for Thanksgiving. and it was one of my favorite parts of the whole year. 

garrett and i drove BACK out west to see friends and family for the holiday season. and gilly was like, guys, just kill me. i cannot handle this.

i got my hair colored. and i didn't even know what to do with myself. 

we got to play in the snow. and it was cold and also so fun. gilly especially loved it.

i saw my friends and their babies. and they've already grown too much. (the babes, that is.)

i went to temple square (twice!). and even though it was crazy cold, it was so beautiful.

we spent some days in Arizona. and we got family pictures taken by Lauren Brimley. (amazing.)

i got the stomach flu (or something terribly similar to it). and i'm scarred from a few foods for a while.

garrett and i drove to California for Christmas. and it was way too hot to be December 25th.

we got the ENTIRE collection of Friends. and we will never be social bored again.

i got something stomachy flu-ish again. and i had to endure a boat ride to a seafood restaurant. (not puking on that boat/in that restaurant are probably my greatest accomplishments of 2013, to be honest.) 

we drove back to Utah. and we had a late Christmas celebration with my family.

garrett started feeling sickish. and i was pretty much a ticking time bomb.

we rang in the New Year in Utah with my parents. and it was wildly uneventful. (and i'm not complaining.) 

and even though it's technically not 2013 events, i'll keep updating you.

i caught garrett's sickish feeling (naturally.) and instead of feeling "sickish" i was miserable. 

(instead of the kind of flu that involved toilets and vomit in my hair, this was the kind of flu that involved a buttload of snot, horrible head aches, a fever and a cough that could clear a room.)

and here it is...January 13th and i'm still coughing. 

in other news, my obliques are getting a solid workout from it all. 
silver lining, am i right?

anyways. i feel better knowing that everything is up to date. ish. i'm obviously leaving out a couple of details. but you get the idea. 

maybe one day i'll provide more. but let's be honest. that's probably not going to happen. 

i can only do so much. 



lyrics: pass it up, would't dare. what a wild ride. 


  1. what a year!! I am so glad I was able to meet you. You are seriously such a gem. It will be fun to see if next year is quite as busy as this year was. Im hoping it involves less driving for your sake ;)

  2. still sniffling with you.. by the way, please come back.