March 22, 2013

puppy spring break.

my blogging regularity got a little backed up last week. 
sorry about that. 
garrett finished his quarter (and is OFFICIALLY a senior. can i get a hallelujah?!) last week and was left with some days with nothing to do. 
so we made a last minute decision to head up to South Carolina. our reasons for this trip were three fold:

1. garrett and i were wanting to go to the temple and our closest one is in south carolina. it's hard to find time to go while he's in school and working, so this spring break was a perfect time.

2. i have a sister that lives in south carolina and i get a "when are you coming to visit me?" text/call from her on the reg.

3. gilly lost her mind. absolutely lost it. 3 months of being stuck in the house with me (carless and unable to drive her to the dog park)seriously made her snap. she would start crying the second she woke up and continue to do so until i would let her outside. and the second she got outside, she would jump our fence and run like the wind down the sketchy alley behind our house. several times she ran across the street, not stopping to check whether cars were coming or not. it nearly gave me a heart attack. and several times i would have to run (usually in my pajamas or a robe or some other weird outfit because i spend every day in my house and no one sees me..)down that same sketchy alley, screaming her name and hopelessly trying to catch up with her. seriously, several times a day. it was getting old. and very apparent that gilly needed to take a trip to see her cousin Winnie and run in open fields and rivers and creeks and get an incredible amount of energy out. and incredibly muddy and dirty.

so we're here in South Carolina. we've spent most of the time here taking the dogs to parks and letting them run and jump and swim for hours.

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and then they come home and sleep/cuddle like little babes.

have you ever seen so much neck?

and gilly only cries when she wants winnie to wake up and play with her.

we're going to the temple tonight and i've spent a large part of my time here trying to get my sister's hair right.

having never done it before, she thought it would be fun to be blonde. not highlighted blonde. all over blonde.

but she mostly just looked like a mermaid. even with a color remover and some heavy ash toning. 
before. this was a semi-faded ombre. though you can't tell.
this was the after mermaid.

so we went back to a delicious chocolatey brown which has not yet been documented. but i will. and you'll see just how delicious it is.
side note: i love kenra. amazing quality stuff.

so that's that. 
that's why i've been so MIA.
i've been letting my gilly pup run free for some days and my cheeks hurt from smiling. i just get really happy when she's happy. and she's happiest when she's a wet, muddy mess.

i hope your week was just as fun!
happy friday!


lyrics: tired dogs, rested paws, today we show our flaws.


  1. Oh, Gilly is so beautiful! I miss my dog.

  2. what pretty dogs!! and hair turned out pretty! love it!

  3. Ok you are gorgeous! And your doggies are so cute! How fun! New follower, love your blog!

  4. Look how cute!!!! Love doggie pics :-)
    And that hair of yours is gorgeous! 'Nuff said!
    Hope you have a good weekend doll.

  5. NOPE... i didn't. how dissapointing! i'm pretty sure i opened up your comment box at least three times and then i fell asleep or jude woke up or something like that. i think a list is in order here...

    1. love your blog design and all your designs! i will most definitely be hiring you one day when i need a revamp and have a little DOUGH.
    2. is that jackie's reallly blonde hair with the pink shirt?! crazy! i like it.
    3. i love your hair the most the blonde it is now. you look so different in all your pictures! (vaca travelogue)... YOU are stunning. really. i wanted to compliment like, everything about you at the RS party but didn't want to be too creepy.
    4. even if we live far away, we can still be BEST PALS!! that is the wonder of this lovely internet of ours.
    5. you have inspired me to: redo my buttons (haven't done this one yet), pluck my eyebrows, &try a new hair-do. woo hoo! you should be proud of how inspiring you are. 25 here you come!!!!!!!!!!

  6. PS- I love "It's just writing. But it's mine." I wish I would have thought of that before you and used it. A little jealousy, maybe, but only a healthy amount.

  7. Hi, I couldn’t seem to find an email. I want to ask a question about your dog, so can you email me back?