July 9, 2013

assigned seating.

i would start out by stating how terrible i am at blogging and how sorry i am for the massive gaps between blog posts. but those feelings should just be understood by now. there ought not be a need for me to state them, you know?

garrett and i have officially been in utah for a month now. that sort of blows my mind. i feel like we just got here and like we've been here for ages. how does that work? i never know.

anyways, garrett is loving his internship at Super Top Secret, gilly is loving this whole no humidity thing utah has going on and i am loving the food utah is feeding me.

r&r bbq. i can't even.

i think we're all going to have a hard time saying goodbye to utah and this awesome summer. 

but that's deeply depressing to think about. so let's talk about something else. let's talk about the movies. 

garrett's dad came to utah for some days and we got to spend some time with him. unfortunately, he broke his collar bone about a week before he came to utah and that resulted in him being on some narcotics and not totally up for a ton of adventurous/outdoorsy/utah things. 

so we ended up going to the movies. a lot.

may i just make it known here that i almost NEVER go to the movies. it has to be a fantastic movie-one that i've been looking forward to seeing for a long time (Les Mis, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc) for me to actually be willing to pay the arm and leg required for theater viewing. if it's not life changing, it's going to be rented from Redbox for one dolla. can i get an amen? 

so, truth be told, when the discussion of going to a movie came up, i was a little weirded out. nothing earth shattering was out. so why go to a movie? but i kept these thoughts to myself since garrett's dad was willing to pay for our tickets. i mean..don't want to rock that boat, you know? we saw 4 movies in one week. i honestly don't think i've seen 4 movies in the theater in the last 2 years of my life. 

first was The Internship. a day later we saw The Lone Ranger. on the fourth we saw Despicable Me 2. and the next day we saw World War Z. 

and in each movie my mind was blown. not because of anything that had anything to do with the movies themselves, but apparently it's a thing to actually sit in the seats listed on your ticket??

uhmm..I DID NOT EVEN KNOW THERE WERE SEAT ASSIGNMENTS ON SAID TICKETS! it's a movie theater , not an airplane. so you can imagine my surprise when a family came barging into the theater asking us to move because we were in "their seats". i'm sorry. it seems i was here 10 minutes early and consequently got a really good seat. you are here 10 minutes late and are consequently asking to sit in my really good seat. how does that make sense to anyone? 

i just don't know. 
but we sat the rest of that movie with our heads hooked backwards like we were watching a rocket launch rather than a movie. and it was giving me an awesome double chin, i'm sure of it.

it wasn't just the first movie though. each one of them presented some "you're in our seats" issue. and i just need to know-has this always been a thing? am i that infrequent of a movie goer that i have never before run into such a common issue? or is this a new thing? 

either way, it's highly obnoxious. 
almost as obnoxious as the girl who sat behind us in Despicable Me and vocalized every one of her thoughts throughout the ENTIRE movie. 
"ohmagosh." "oh no!" "awwww" "ohmagosh.ohmagosh!!" 
(insert heinous and annoying laughter here)

i hate movie talkers.
i hate movie seat assignments.
and i  hate the way i don't know how to eat popcorn if it's not by the fistful. 

i need to know. movie seat assignments-is this new? is it old? is it only enforced in Utah? have you ever been booted out of your well earned good seat because someone else had a ticket with that seat number on it?

tell me all your thoughts. because i seriously need to know.


lyrics: but i'll stand my ground and i won't back down. 


  1. I have definitely run into that issue... but only in Utah. It's weird that they didn't have you pick seats though. Usually when you buy your ticket, they show you a screen of the theater and you pick your seats. I'm glad to hear you're doing well! Miss you :) I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and it's just not going to be the same without you.

  2. I had no idea this existed. But it's been over a year since I've seen a movie in theaters. That's just ridiculous!

  3. No way, people actually do that? Are there honestly seat assignments on movie tickets?! Is this just a Utah thing, or what? One thing I am sure of: there is no other way to eat popcorn than by the fistful.

  4. I had no idea that was a thing, but then again I'm like you in that I NEVER go to the movies! Add one more reason to my list of why I prefer to watch from my couch.

  5. I want to say that it's been a recent thing, like within the last five years. i agree, it is sort of obnoxious....

  6. It blew my mind when I moved to Salt Lake and you had to pick which seat you wanted to sit in when you bought the ticket, and that you actually had to sit in that seat. It sure gets messy when you have a group of people and you're telling them, "Be sure you get seat 55 because we're in seats 54 and 53!" Wha?

    And now you've made me crave R&R and JDawgs. want right now.

  7. heyyyyyy baby, there ain't no easy way out..... but no really, that seat assignment is a real thing? no thanks.

  8. Some movie theatre chains opt for assigned seating, and for some (like the one I work at) it is first come, first serve. In almost every theatre I visited while overseas, it was assigned, but the workers were nice and gave me a choice. As in, they turned the computer screen towards me and asked my friends and I to choose between two or three options. The only time we were not given a chance to choose is if we arrived late/there was limited seating available. Next time, I recommend asking the box office worker where they have you sitting ahead of time so that you can request to move if they give you crappy seats.
    I agree with you about the movie talkers. I've gotten up and changed seats before (yay for no assigned seats) to get away from them. Texting also becomes really distracting, too!

  9. I kind of hate it too. Especially when you have a big group together and you're like, "oh shoot! We have to get them All together." Seriously, pretty lame. Also, I've been like 12,000 years behind on reading blogs and I'm finally catching up on yours. I'm a silent reader, I don't usually comment so I'm sorry! haha. BUT..I'm so glad and excited that you moved to Utah! We're gonna have to meet and you're going to have to come to some blogger meetups!

  10. i want to go to R&R. lets go on a girly date when you're back.

  11. I actually love assigned seating. I only go to theaters with that. it totally makes it easier and yeah, if you're running late, you don't have to deal with crap seats (going with a baby makes it hard to leave on time).