April 17, 2013

three years.

i don't want to be cliche or anything.
it's just that i seriously have no clue how time can move so quickly sometimes.

i remember the day garrett left on his mission. i remember crying myself to sleep that night wondering if i would be able to do it. would i be able to go two whole years on only the hope that things would work out with us in the end? would i be able to remain enough like the 19 year old girl that garrett loved and still live my life? i honestly didn't know. all i knew was that two years was a long freaking time.

and those particular two years lasted an eternity.
sometimes i think back to how much happened in those 730 days and i think surely it must have been a decade. 

so it's odd to me that today marks 3 years since the day i married garrett. because again, i don't want to be cliche or anything. but it honestly feels like it was just yesterday. 

wasn't it just yesterday morning that i opened my hotel room door to see my sister, her arms filled with makeup, curling irons and hairspray, smiling her biggest smile and saying, "who'se ready to get married?!" 

wasn't it just yesterday that i was kneeling across an alter from garrett trying desperately to pay attention to what was being said and to etch the memory of the room, his face, our families, the entire experience into my brain forever? 

wasn't it just yesterday that i walked out of the San Diego Temple having fulfilled a lifelong dream to be married within it? (granted, i hadn't always dreamed of it being partially under construction when i got married in it, but what can you do?)

wasn't it just yesterday that i celebrated with nearly (not completely, but nearly) everyone i love in this world my brand new, hours old marriage? 

wasn't it just yesterday that garrett and i drove around Palm Springs listening to nearly every car we passed honk at us as they, too, celebrated our Just Married-ness?

it wasn't just yesterday.
it was 3 years ago. 
but i'm grateful that it feels like just yesterday. 
because i think that means it's been a good 3 years.
in fact, i know it's been a good three years.

(and yes, i've posted these pictures on here before. but that was before i had so many wonderful followers. so i'll save you the trip into the archives of my blog to find other anniversary posts and show you them here.)

happy three, beeser. let's keep going, okay?


lyrics: i don't want to be someone who walks away so easily. i'm here to stay...i won't give up on us...even if the skies get rough.

ps. if you were wondering why i was constantly asking what people's wedding/love songs were via facebook and twitter, this is why. i present to you a playlist of YOUR wedding and love songs. everybody loves. and i love that. enjoy.


  1. such cute pics!!!!!! and what a fun time. time sure does fly!!! Congrats on 3 years!!! and 3333333 more.

  2. So glad I could be there for the grand event! And so glad YOU could be there for mine. :) Happy Anniversary! Love you!

  3. So gorgeous! And so freakin tan!! I dont think my skin could ever be that dark if I was stranded on a desert island. Have I told you how much I love your fun carnival theme? So awesome.

  4. these are gorgeous!!! you look amazing and I love these colors! happy 3 years!

  5. Those bridesmaid dresses were one of my favorite projects ever.

  6. Love this post and the pictures! I love it all! Happy 3 years!

  7. I love this. It may have made me tear up. Happy 3 years!

  8. cheers to year three and many more :)

  9. Your wedding was adorable!!!!! I love your colors too, so elegant and fun! And I feel bad that I never responded with my wedding/love song, is it pathetic that we didn't have a wedding song? We didn't even dance...


  10. Ahh! My husband's name is Garrett as well & we'll be hitting the big 3 on May 15th. So so happy for you both. Marriage is such a sweet thing. Your wedding looked so fun :) Happy anni, guys.

  11. Ahhhh what is with all these anniversary posts on my feed! I've been so teary this morning :) So happy for you, you made one of the prettiest brides I ever did see! Haha the LA temple was also partially under construction when we were sealed, and apparently you could hear it from the sealing room, but I was so fixated on trying to lock everything into my brain that I didn't even notice!

  12. Awwwww. Happy Anniversary! What a unique wedding! Ice cream instead of cake? Awesome!