April 18, 2013

Wonderfully Sewn Guest Post

(i posted this a couple days ago, but i was a doofus and got it wrong. shocking, right? hannah let me know i made a mistake and i'm reposting it so that you can all read her darling guest post! she's the cutest. go follow her and find out for yourself!)love, kate.

Hi there, Eloquent Graffiti readers! I am so excited to be here writing for y'all! 

Kate is absolutely amazing, and I'm a faithful reader of her honest, funny posts. She's like that really cool, young aunt that calls you sweetheart and listen to all of your meaningless stories. She writes me the sweetest blog comments, and I have a blog crush on her. And I'm sort of in love with her Mormon life. Wait. This isn't a gush-about-Kate post? Okay. Sorry. Nevermind.

I'm Hannah, and I spend my time over at Wonderfully Sewn. I have a big passion for blogging, and it didn't take me long at all to fall in love with this virtual world. I can't get enough of it. 

People ask me what my blog's about. Then suddenly, my tongue disappears. It stumps me every time. Because real world people don't really know what "lifestyle blog" means. 

So I'm going to try and attempt this now. 

My blog combines my walk with Jesus, all of my joy that comes from Him, and my love for people, fashion, life and laughter all into one. Sometimes I talk about tolerance, or singleness peacefulness and sometimes I discuss why freaking people out is awesome. And sometimes my family likes to spite The Bachelor.

One word I'd use to describe myself, and my blog for that matter, is... passionate. Which means I have a lot of big dreams, ideas, and thoughts running around my head like little caffeinated toddlers. But don't worry. Surprisingly, my posts aren't rambles. 

I love to write, and get what's in my head. Out. My main goal is to encourage all y'all, and make you smile in one way or another. I love Jesus with all my heart. And so much of my joy comes first, from Him, and secondly, from people. Every person is different with a different story, and each person is so uniquely made. So wonderfully sewn. :)  It's just awesome to meet new people.

And with that being said, I'm not shy. Some people might say I'm blunt (I am). But not rude. I'm confident, but not arrogant. I'm goofy, but not obnoxious. And I'm funny, but not hilarious. Even though, I know I've been every single one of those things at one point. 

But really, I'm just a girl who loves Jesus, and chooses to love every single second of the life He's given me.

I'm a Texan, Christian, daughter, sister, activist, blogger, ballerina, dreamer, laugher, and work-in-progress. 

Oh yeah. And I'm in high school. If you hadn't guessed already.

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