April 20, 2011

spectacular, spectacular.

dude, where does time fly away to all the time?
i don't even know.
but before we dive into the world of free slice wednesday: here is the update.

gilly remains the cutest dog in the whole world.
she started school yesterday. melt my heart.
here is her first day of school picture in front of our door.

i considered putting a book bag on her. but it would have consumed her.
she was the cutest one in school.
and the best behaved. she's such a fast learner.
and she'll do any darn thing for a treat.

monday i got to do something completely new and completely crazy.
i was asked to represent See Jane in the Savannah Fashion Week 2011 by doing makeup for a ton of models in the kick off fashion show. it was a lot of fun doing that much makeup, but it was crazy hectic for a while.
and hot.
so very, very hot.
and my back was a mess after it was all over.
bending over for hours and hours and hours was just miserable.
but it was great experience and the other makeup artist i was able to spend the day with was a lot of fun. always something to be grateful for.

now, on to the real stuff.
free slice wednesday.

even though it's wednesday we're going to celebrate sunday.
sunday was a special day.
a very special day, indeed.
sunday marked one year.
one whole year of marriage.
we celebrated by eating authentic (homemade) indian food and spending time with my parents.
they got us a vacuum.

i could ramble on about a bunch of yadda yadda yadda on how i feel about being married for one year and how spectacular my wedding day was.
but i'll just say a few words and then i'll let my wedding pictures do the talking.

i have learned a lot this year. i have learned a lot about myself and a whole lot about my husband. but mostly, i have learned a lot about love. i have learned of its healing power, its durability and its patience.
i learned that my husband is a lot weirder, a lot goofier and a whole lot more loving than i ever knew before.
i have learned that no one is ever kidding when they say marriage is hard. but for the life of me i cannot think of why someone wouldn't want to ever be married. it is an incredible thing. i have loved it.
and i cannot believe it has been a year since it all began.

and here's a look at the greatest day in the history of my life.


(that's coldstone.)

having a day like this to look back on is just marvelous. having a freaking awesome party to celebrate our marriage was a blast. knowing that i'm sealed to that boy and that we can party like that for the rest of forever..well, that's just the tastiest slice of life ever.

to many, many more years of corndogs and coldstone.


lyrics: and i'm thinking two is better than one.


  1. it seriously blows my mind that it was a year ago! such a fun time!

  2. remember the time we sacrificed our backs for those giant sized monopoly blocks for Youth Conference...hope your back doesn't hurt as bad as that one did! LOV EYOU