April 17, 2012

two. epic. love.

today is a special day.
and i don't just mean because it's tune in tuesday.

(but i'll give it to you-that does make today pretty special in itself.)
today is april 17.
that means it's my anniversary.

two years, people.
two yurrs i have been married to this cute boy.

(excuse my face. i was laughing at him and i have never professed to having a cute laugh face. or a cute laugh for that matter. but i digress.)

two years.
a lot can happen in two years.
a lot has happened.
we've moved thrice.
we got a puppy.
garrett declared a major, got accepted to SCAD and has been on the Dean's List since he started.
he's also found something he loves doing.
and that truly makes my heart happy.

my at home hair and makeup business has really started to pick up and i really love being able to work from home.
and my hair has grown...a little bit in the past two years.
(but not nearly as much as it should have. curse these tresses.)

we've learned a lot in the past two years.
i've learned that living with a boy is weird and kind of difficult sometimes.
he's learned that living with a girl means living with gunky hairspray/zit remnants on the mirror.
i've learned that as much as i love the idea of having my husband sleeping next to me, i might love sleeping like a starfsh more.
he's learned to get used to sleeping squished to the side of the bed.
i've learned that at the end of the day it probably is going to be me that does the dishes (despite all the terms, agreements, threats and ultimatums i have set).
he's learned that i pretty much will never take out the trash.
i've learned that marriage is actually really difficult.
he's learned that he has a wife that struggles with difficult things.
 i've learned that there's no greater blessing than being married in the temple for eternity.
he's learned that no matter how rough the fight or how difficult things get or how frustrated i am-i'm not going anywhere.

we've learned a lot.
we've loved a lot.
we've been through a lot.
and we've got a lot to look forward to.

before i finish this post, here is a background to the music for tune in tuesday. 
this playlist is old.
in 2007, for my 19th birthday-garrett gave me two gifts.
one was a white prada purse that changed my life.
the other was a 2 disc cd of music that he wanted me to have.
at midnight on my birthday garrett sent me a text telling me to look out 4th floor dorm window.
i knew something was up because i could hear music before i even got the text.
i walked to my window, looked out and there he was-standing on his car (which was blaring music) and holding a poster he had made that said "happy 19th birthday katie".
(oh, what? perfect embodiment of the male specimen? yes.)

the two cds that garrett gave me were nothing short of spectacular.
it was sort of epic.
i listened to them often and loved them.
and because i am a total doof, i didn't pick up on the painfully obvious message he was sending.
the message.
the message?
well, it was something like this:
"umm..hi. i love you. and i think you're amazing and i don't quite know how to tell you this but i want to marry you and again, i love you."

i really was so ridiculously oblivious it's embarrassing to admit now.
but whatevs.
it all worked out.
i married him despite my not-so-temporary bout of dumb.

on with the post:

 dear garrett,
i love you. i know i'm not very good at saying it all the time or showing it all the time.
i am grateful for you. i know that you are wearing yourself thin working and schooling. and i don't think i ever tell you enough how grateful i am for all that you're doing to support us. i think you're great. you make me laugh and you make me smile and i hope you know and understand that my depression is what gets me down sometimes. it's not you. i'm proud of you. i'm proud of all your amazing grades and all your work. you're going to be a great graphic designer/_____________  someday. :) we'll figure that out later. you are my best friend. you mean the world to me. and now i'm crying. so i'm going to stop. thank you for these two years and all the love before then. and all the love to come. happy anniversary.


lyrics: we should get jersey's cause we make a good team.


  1. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us tonight on your anniversary. You are so selfless :)

  2. happy anniversary to the two of you :))))
    and YES everything grape should be banned from the earth.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love everything about this post! You are one lucky lady!