March 4, 2013

the week in word vomit.

i know it's pretty standard for "bloggers" (am i even a blogger? how does one know when they've made the transition from "i have a blog" to "i'm a blogger"? i don't even know. i don't even think i care..) to produce like 9 posts a week. but seriously.

sing it, sweet brown. sing, girl.
i have wanted to blog a bit more than i have lately, but i honestly have been legitimately busy. it's been a minute (or 3 months) since i've been able to say that, but i guess i've found ways to stay busy while being on house arrest. and i think that's quite an accomplishment in and of itself, no? i mean...i'm stuck at home, people. be impressed with me. 

so here is a recap of last week. 

-i finished two blog designs. check out Ally and Brandi's brand new blogs. they just started blogging so go visit them and show them some love. 


- i cleaned. a whole bunch. i'm sure i've said this before, but my house is only clean for about 10 minutes a day even though i spend hours cleaning it every single day. it blows my mind. i'm not entirely sure how it works, but i'm certain it has everything something to do with Gilly and her shedding super powers. 

it is truly remarkable how much fur can come off of one solitary dog in the matter of a week. this level of shedding is what i would expect from a Wookie or a Sasquatch. or any one of the "things" from Where The Wild Things Are. but for a canine? it is much too much. 
the other day she walked into the room i was in, stood there for a second and then walked away. and i kid you not, she left an entire handful of fur in her place. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? i don't know. fur is literally raining off of her and she doesn't even care. but i spent a lot of my time last week vacuuming her up. and then the hairy fairy would visit in the night and i would wake up to tufts of Gilly fur all over the place. like inside my shoes. and on my walls. (and yes, i did proceed to vacuum both.) dear family, you'll all be receiving "cashmere" sweaters for Christmas. please submit your sizes to me now. also, i'm considering just not vacuuming at all from here on out and enjoying the free installment of carpet.  

this was only a few hours after vacuuming the entire house.

turn on a fan, and we would have little mini tumbleweeds blowing through our house. marvelous.

-i had a video chat date with the lovely ladies from Stories of Kel, Pretty Living PDX and Northern Belle Diaries. it was lots of fun. i really love meeting other bloggers. it makes me feel like less of a loser knowing that people are actually reading. 

-we finally found a food that Gilly would eat. ever since Christmas she's been super picky about what she'll eat and it has lead to some severe anxiety on my part. she would go two days without touching her food and she showed no interest in any kind of food whatsoever. not even peanut butter. (and that would be like me not having interest in peanut butter. it was a big deal.) her tummy would make horrific gurgling noises and it really had me worried. after testing out like 5 different kinds of food, we finally found a Duck Meat food that she seems to love. can i get a hallelujah?! 

-i worked on my fitness with Shaun T. and i managed to take a picture of myself while doing push up jacks. i'm maybe overly proud of myself for this accomplishment. i'm considering putting it on my resume. what's up multitasking? ...too far?

and then i dripped sweat onto my ipad. gross.

-i cancelled out all of my Insanity exercising made my Aunt Marla's super awesome and super secret recipe chocolate chip cookies. i had truly forgotten how bombdiggity it is to bake. (darn broken oven.) especially when it's something as heaven sent as these cookies. there's a definite possibility that i ate cookie dough for breakfast and 2 cookies for lunch. quit jealousy judging me. they are divine.

this is my favorite stage of cookie dough. it's when i long to stick my face in the bowl the most.
this is a close second. i know it's weird, but i really like the dough sans chocolate chips. maybe because it's easier for me to stick my face in?

-i went to the park with garrett and gilly to take pictures for garrett to use for a project he's working on. but it was freaking cold and my batteries in my external flash were dead. so we decided to go back another day when it wasn't so blustery. but i did snap a cute picture of these two loves of mine before we left.

 -in other news, gilly actually walked (rather than panicked, shook all over and laid down in the middle of the street like she usually does) on a leash. we gave in and bought that super scary looking training collar. i  hated judged myself for allowing garrett to convince me that it was a good idea. i turned my nose up to the man in the store who was trying to sell it to us. i felt like a terrible mom. and i hated how vicious it made gilly look with it on. but the man said it doesn't hurt her and garrett allowed me to put it around his neck to test it. he swears it didn't hurt him despite how hard he and i were both tugging on it. and it honestly has done more in 2 days than we (with the help of schooling) were able to do in the past 2 years. it even seemed to soothe her crazy anxiety. so that was encouraging. because if i'm being completely honest, it totally blows having a dog with a buttload of energy and zero ability to leash walk. here's to hoping miss gilly and i will be able to take many long walks together sometime soon. and not have to use the crazed beast collar.

-in other other news, i'm still doing hair pretty regularly and still really loving it. always good news, right?

...there are other things that i did, but they currently escape me. my mind just keeps wandering back to cookies. a clean house, a cute pup, and a jar full of cookies is sort of my happy place. i guess there are worse places to be stuck in.


lyrics: and what it all comes down to is that everything's gonna be quite alright.


  1. Okay, so I've been debating on that spike collar thing for my very own incredibly shedd-y dog. I think I might actually go through with it since it helped you! It's just scary to look at, I guess!

  2. I would be right with you. That collar does look kind of scary haha! I had so much fun google videoing or whatever with you haha! Those cookies look awesome!

  3. Oh and good job on those designs! They are freaking awesome!

  4. Now all I'm thinking about is those cookies.

  5. you are seriously so talented!! love your designs so much. and those cookies look so good!

  6. Loving those designs..very talented. Those cookies..amazing! Your like super woman! Now I want cookies..damn.

  7. I love your blog designs! You're so artistically talented! They're super cute.

    And, I agree, you're making me want some of those cookies too! :)

  8. Can I pay you to ship a batch to So Cal? I'll pay some good $$$ ;D
    Gilly is so cute..even if she has a shedding problem!