January 4, 2013


it's friday?
i did not know this until about 30 minutes ago.
my life is weird.

and by weird i mean positively pathetic.

so let's talk about it in a Triple A sort of way.


-declaring a movie "hilarious" before watching it with someone who has never seen it and then realizing a third of the way through the movie that it's actually funnier just to quote it. and watching it is kind of not that great.

-being a total and complete shut in for an entire week straight because mine and garrett's cars are both broken. i have literally not left my house in a week. and garrett (who rides his bike to work anyways) is gone from 7:30-5:15 every day. and i am slowly forgetting how to form words and communicate with human beings.

-having to ask friends to drive me and garrett to places like the grocery store and church and new year's eve get togethers (again. broken cars.) i felt like a 13 year old getting a ride from my mom to go hang out at the mall for 5 hours and buy nothing but Wendy's for lunch.

- being seen by my neighbors at 2:00 in the afternoon-still in my pajamas..three days in a row. i pretend to cough to make it seem like i am terribly ill and that is why i have not dressed myself or taken note of the rat's nest forming atop my head. but really i just have no where to go and nothing to live for anymore.


-greeting the UPS lady at the door (in my pajamas...at 5:00pm) and practically hugging her for delivering the part to garrett's car we needed to fix it. she was like an angel in poop brown shorts and mid calf black socks.

-re-watching the first 3 seasons of Greek on Netflix.

-redesigning my entire blog while watching Greek.

-these Homemade Snickers. i don't even have words fitting enough to describe their beauty or the way they may potentially ruin everything i have worked for in the past 6 months to lose weight.

-having "dinner" dates with my sister via FaceTime. my brother in law and i both got iPads for Christmas and now that they can facetime on something bigger than a phone, we've set it up at the dinner table and had dinner together even though we're not actually together. i think they mostly just do it because they know how much of a shut in i've become. i appreciate their sympathy.

Are You Serious?

-i mean...not that i need to mention it again, but seriously, two cars both not working?! come on. and really i don't know why i'm so excited to have garrett's car fixed. i can't drive his car. it's manual and i have a slight to major anxiety attack every time i attempt driving it. i'm screwed for life.

-being called to serve as the Nursery leaders (AGAIN) at church. it's like i'm not supposed to have a solid immune system or a desire to have my own children or something.

-gilly's boredom is even worse than my own. it's hard to believe, but truly. it's unreal. she got to spend so much time with the little kids (my nieces and nephews) and her cousin dog Winnie over christmas  break and now everyone is gone and she and i are on house arrest and i can't take her to the park and i can't take her on a walk because she is the world's worst leash walker. and really she's just losing her mind. the second garrett leaves for works, she begins crying. and if you don't know what a crying husky or shepherd sounds like then you can get a little hint of it in these videos. (lucky, lucky me-gilly is a huskey shepherd mix. so it's really just something special.)

i know what you're thinking. it's kind of cute-ish, right? i mean..it's funny to listen to. but i assure you it would make you want to jam both of your pillows into your ear holes if it were waking you up. i feel awful for not being able to take her to the park to get her wiggles out. i know how bored she is. i feel it, too. and i assure you a piece of  my soul is crying that same way. but seriously...i miss the pup that just snuggles me and sleeps as long as i do. le sigh. poor little babe. i love her. and she needs my car to be fixed just as badly as i do.

..and i think that's it. remarkable that i was even able to come up with so much to write about considering i've not done anything but sit on my hiney and not have human interaction (outside of garrett and my sister via facetime, of course) for an entire week.

may our next Triple A Friday not be so pathetic.

happy weekend, everyone!



lyrics: i'm a driver, i'm a winner; things are gonna change, i can feel it.


  1. I'm in the same boat. I haven't really done much for the last couple weeks because of morning sickness, and Conrad told me last night that I'm "turning into a creature" and I "need more human interaction."

    What a guy.

    1. it's remarkable how good with words husbands can be, isn't it? garrett has had a few gems in his day.

  2. Ha, gotta love P.J. days! I love the new blog look. Adorable. I'm sure the crying husky/shepard mix is annoying but those videos are precious.

    1. oh pj days are super great...but after a week i've just started to feel like someone on Horders or something equally embarrassing and gross. but i'm glad you like the new design. i'm definitely digging it. :)

  3. this post just completely made my day!!!