February 17, 2013

valentine's day recap

(insert smile here.)

well, perhaps the curse is broken. after years and yurrs of crappy, boring (and for several years, lonely) Valentine's days (one of which included my best friend getting hit by a bright yellow VW Bug filled with a bunch of girls holding ginormous teddy bears and arrangements of flowers  garden beds so large that they could not see out of the window well enough to notice a full grown human being crossing the street. true story.) my hallmark holiday was actually pretty good this year.

we go together like..

valentine's day belly rubs.
seriously though, that face.

garrett and i aren't the fancy pants type. we're pretty darn laid back. when i try to explain this to people, the best way i know how to make this point is to explain/remind them that we had cold stone cater our wedding, we (along with our whole wedding party) wore vans tennis shoes as our wedding shoes, our wedding food included, but was not limited to, corn dogs and jalapeƱo poppers. and i launched my "bouquet" of crafty tissue paper flowers right into the nose of one of my best friends/bridesmaids. and yes, it did cut her nose, and yes, we did laugh a lot about it.

anyways, we're not fancy. so when it comes to holidays like Valentine's day, holidays where fancy is pretty much essential and required by law and you're pretty much considered a loser/not in love with your significant other unless you do something fancy, we have suffered in the past. but this year just worked. 

instead of eating out, we ordered food from a favorite restaurant, had a picnic on the floor of our living room and watched a movie. it really was nothing special. but it kind of was. 

pizza. caesar salad. fried green tomatoes. 

look at that cute mug. 
we tried to do a cute family picture. but gilly was distraced by  the smell of pizza and garrett ended up looking like a creep. so..win.
mostly just take note of the fact that gilly was seriously trying to creep in on our food while still remaining in a comfortable, couchy position. 
in addition to our incredibly cute valentine's day plates (seen above), garrett's parents sent us a ton of delicious candy and these cute pop corn containers. the candy is all gone. i'm not proud of this.

my mom sent gilly a little love in the form of this cute guy. his name is Lieutenant Dan. why such an odd name, you ask?

that's why. you ain't got no legs lieutenant dan. 

so that was our valentine's day date. don't be ashamed if your date wasn't as hot as ours. not everyone can eat pizza on the floor with their dog's snout resting (with hopeful anticipation) on their shoulder. we're just some of the fortunate few, i guess.


lyrics: how wonderful life is now you're in the world.

ps. this is a monday mingling link up. heyyo!


  1. Sounds like my kind of valentine. We had pizza but we weren't fancy enough for the salad and fried green tomatoes. You win!

  2. Hahaha such an awesome Valentines Day! Sounds heavenly. I would pick what you did to a stuffy formal dinner any day. How did you launch your bouquet? Reminds me of college when I used to launch giant pickles in a water balloon launcher at people. Haha.

  3. This sounds awesome, we just cooked and ate at home, then watched like 10 episodes of The Game on Netflix. I love the tennis shoes at the wedding, super cute!

  4. awww i love that you two are so laid back :)
    do you have wedding pictures up? i'd love to see the tennis shoes and cold stone! :) haha
    can't go wrong with cold stone <3

    The DayLee Journal

  5. That is my ideal date, valentines day or not. We curled up and watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 (his choice if you can believe it!) and just hung out. I swear those are the best times

  6. Haha, love the lieutenant Dan toy, poor toy = happy dog :)
    That sounds like a fun V-day! Taking a picture with a dog searching for food looks really difficult.
    {I was sent by Pretty Living PDX}

  7. You two are really cute! Glad Pretty Living PDX sent me to your blog! :D

  8. Just stopping by with some love. Pretty Living PDX sent me.

    Great pictures you posted.

  9. Sweet Valentine's Day :) Also, my dogs are notorious for dismembering all of their toys, too...

  10. Sounds like you had a fantastic day! I'm stopping over from Pretty Living! So glad to be a new reader <3


  11. i did, in fact, get hit by a car on valentine's day. c'est la vie.

  12. Awww looks like a great time! Just stopping by! Pretty Living PDX sent me!

  13. How CUTE are those pictures? And your wedding sounds awesome! Haha, I love that you had cold stone and corn dogs! Sounds perfect! :) btw-Pretty Living send me :)

  14. You are so lucky! My boyfriend and I had a "knockdown dragout, smash stuff up, scream and yell, break up, you're sleeping on the couch tonight!" fight on Valentines day...I love the VW story, too!! LOL

  15. That bouquet was thrown with some serious backwards force. Still can't believe you hit me in the face, cut my nose open, and made me bleed. Freaking hilarious. I love you!

  16. This is just too cute. You two are so adorable together. Your dog is so cute also. This sounds like my Vday spent with my family and my 2 dogs. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  17. I forgot to tell you that I was sent by Pretty Living PDX. Sorry. Thanks

  18. So cute! And I have to mention, we LOVE fried green tomatoes at our house!

  19. So very sweet....! Pretty Living PDX sent me! I must say the top picture of you is just gorgeous!

  20. Your dog is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!! (Pretty Living PDX sent me too)

  21. Beautiful photos!