March 20, 2012

and today was a day just like any other.

my frustrations with blogger right now know no end. 
i have spent the past i don't even know how long trying to post a blog post. 
i literally wrote it 3 times. and it included pictures and entertaining information and a good deal of thought.
and thrice it did not post. 
thrice it did not save. 
thrice it deleted itself. 
why, blogger? why?
maybe it's a sign. maybe it just sucked and that was blogger's way of telling me that no one is going to read it or care anyways. 
but whatever.
i'm going to do today's post and then i will commence again on writing that post and so help me if it deletes itself again without saving (despite my exhaustive efforts to save it)...i will scream.
and there is a good chance you will hear that scream.

this week was weird. it began with an MRI and some sweet one-size-fits-all, elastic waist, parachute, hammer-esque, blue pants i  was required to don during said MRI. 
they were also my parting gifts from the hospital.
so yes, i will post a picture of them.
get excited.
fashion like this is extremely rare.
and equally awesome.

anyways, the week was weird. 
i live in a city that celebrates St. Patrick's Day like Louisianians celebrate Mardi Gras or the way hopeful 13 year old girls will celebrate Justin Bieber being single again. 
this year, over a million people made their way to downtown savannah to celebrate. 
crazy, right?
it's huge. 

and i've never been.
you must think i am so lame. 
and the truth is, i am.
i never went when i was little because my parents didn't want to go. and truthfully, i don't blame them. it's waking up early, horrible parking conditions and to keep track of 4 kids would have been a lot of work.
also, we don't drink.
and most celebrators do.
so...awkward, right?

anyways, i didn't go in high school because...
well, more of the same.
i had some friends. 
but i didn't drink.
or party.
or whatever the heck it is that normal high school kids do.
(i wouldn't know...i think i've made that painfully obvious.)
and it would have been awkward for me and them for me to just hover around most likely doing that awkward muppet smile. 
you know, the one that looks like this.

(so awkward.)
so i never went.
then i graduated and moved away and was in awe of how much everyone else does not celebrate st. patrick's day. 
i mean...seriously. 
i could have pinched a good number of people over the years. 
but i refrained.
again...because i'm pretty awkward and wouldn't know how to do that with any kind of grace or skill.
it would just be weird.
(insert muppet face here.)

last year, garrett got an eye injury on march 17, so there was really no hope of going. 
(especially since he had to work.)
and this year..well...
again, garrett had to work and i had no one to go with.
so i sat home and was totally bored the whole day.
gilly was whiny.
(yes, she literally whines and it drives me bonkers.)
and i was no better because i was bored and traffic was bad and i couldn't go anywhere.
maybe next year.

annnnyways. that's enough of my venting and whining.

it's tuesday. and you know what that means.
it's time to tune in.
i usually try to put together playlists of various artists for you. because i think that's fun.
but this week i'm just going to keep it to one.
well, two.

the main man behind the music-Andrew McMahon. 
i don't know all of the intimate details of his life, but i know he writes incredible music.
something corporate began in the late 90's and early 2000's. 
the first song i ever heard was Hurricane in the summer of 2002. 
it sort of changed my musical life.
i was smitten with the piano rock and the real lyrics of the song.
i quickly bought the entire "Leaving Through The Window" album and fell in love.

from that point on, i got my hands on as much something corporate music as possible and it was sort of my go-to band for all of highschool. 
in 2004 i heard rumors of the band breaking up and i was kind of devastated. 
apparently the band was just going on a break. 
and during that break andrew mcmahon formed a "side project" band called
Jack's Mannequin.

i was not sure how i felt about this side project business. 
afterall, Somethin Corporate (or SoCo as the cool kids called the band) was my favorite. and i didn't think i was ready to replace it.
the first Jack's album, Everything in Transit,  was released in the late summer of 2005 and yes, i bought it.
and that album floored me.
it was like new found love.
and it was amazing.
in 2005 andrew was also diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 
jack's mannequin took a break at that  point, too.

there's a lot more story behind andrew and the band and the music. 
you can read about it in his blog.
i love his writing and view on life.

it results in amazing, real music. 
and i spent a majority of the past week listening to the soundtrack to my high school days (something corporate) and the soundtrack to my life since high school (jack's mannequin). well, i guess there was an overlap considering i graduated in 2006. but whatever. you get it.

i thought about making a playlist of just my favorite songs  but i feel like you should listen to it all. 
because his music is too good to not be listened to in it's entirety. 
and just because it's not my very favorite, it doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it.
because let's face it. it's all good music.

but i will list my top 20 favorites for you here. just so you know what they are. 
(in no particular order)

1) i woke up in a car- SoCo
2) hurricane-SoCo
3) cavanaugh park-SoCo
4) hammers and strings-JM
5) the mixed tape-JM
6) globes and maps-SoCo
7) break myself-Soco
8) swim-JM
9) casting lines-JM
10) what gets you off-JM
11) konstantine- SoCo
12) into the airwaves-JM
13) bruised-JM
14) she paints me blue-SoCo
15) dark blue-JM
16) i won't make you-SoCo
17) my racing thoughts-JM
18) i'm ready-JM
19) hey, hey,hey (we're all gonna die)-JM
20) rescued-JM
21) walking by-SoCo

even narrowing it down to 20 was difficult. so i had to do 21. i'm so lame.

anyways, if you aren't familiar with the bands...well, you should be. and you should start listening now. and if you are familiar, then i highly suggest you rekindle your love for andrew
you'll thank me later.


lyrics: swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive.

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  1. So you left out my favorite SoCo song. Punk Rock Princess. It was my anthem once upon a time. ...but now I'm listening to lots that I've never heard before. I love Tune in Tuesday.