March 18, 2011

a boring life.

i am a slacker.

i have no clue where the past week went.
all i know is that i'm tired alllllll the time and my puppy is the gosh darn cutest thing in the world.

i don't have much to report.
-we had a surprise birthday party for my dad and i got to see all of my siblings (and nieces/nephews) last weekend.
-the weather here is gorgeous.
-i gave gilly a bath and probably she couldn't have hated it more.
-i ordered $100 worth of sephora makeup. (using christmas gift cards)
-garrett slapped the crap out of his eye ball with an exercise band yesterday (only 43 lbs of pressure. no big deal.) and we spent our entire st. patrick's day in doctor's offices. poor husband has a swollen eye (literally, his eye is swollen), a bruised retina and bleeding behind his eye.
sad, right? but kind of funny...i's not everyday that you witness the kinds of things that makeup youtube and tosh.o what they are. unfortunately i did not get the eye slap on video.

so that's my life lately. i've been doing lots of new makeup things. just trying new things and blah blah blah.
i got hired at See Jane a while ago. and just this week i got my first appointments. i'm pretty excited. i love doing makeup. i just hope the people i do it for love the result as much as i do.
here's to hoping..

sorry i've been so lame lately.
i'll do better. promise.

one last thing: i took a nap today and had a dream i was pregnant with puppies.
there's something wrong with me.


lyrics: tell me where our time went and was it time well spent? just don't let me fall asleep feeling empty again.


  1. Literally laughed out my nose and a boogie shot out when i read about garrett's eyeball. also, i frequently had dreams that gavin was really a puppy.

  2. Sleepy all the time and weird dreams... Gilly might be a big sister sooner than later! :)

  3. I wish we lived near each other so you could do my make up for my wedding!