March 14, 2012

cover up

(i just would like for it to be known that i started this post tuesday morning. and then i got a text that my friend was coming into town to stay for a day and i had to quit blogging and start cleaning my house. do not judge my lateness. i was prepared.

...moving on..)

it's tuesday. and i am ready this week.
i am ready with a fabulous playlist of music that may or may not change your life.
(see, there i go again with that whole over-usage of the phrase "change your life".
can't stop. won't stop. we're over it.)

anyways, this week's playlist is based on a small dream of mine.
i refer to it as a small dream so as not to make myself feel like crap, but in all reality it is a ginormous dream, a dream i have had for years..since i can remember, really.
a dream that lead my parents to buying me a guitar (only to find out that between my small hands and my jacked up wrist--thank you, middle school cheerleading--i cannot play said guitar...) and a dream that i still, even in my old, ripened age, pretend will come true...

this dream, in short, is that one day i will be able to sing.
and i don't just mean sing with a semi-decent-you-could-have-a-solo-in-the-church-choir kind of voice.
i mean sing.
but, being the realist that i am, i know that to expect a fantastic voice and also the ability to write fantastic lyrics would be impractical.
so, there i would be: a fabulously talented and incredibly beautiful (oh, did i forget to mention the incredibly beautiful part? well, i guess i just thought it would go without saying. i mean, a girl can dream, right?) individual with no outlet for all my talent and beauty.
and what is a girl to do in that sort of situation?
(insert Dora pause here...)
yes! i would cover, of course!

indeed. i would cover great songs.
okay, snap back to reality.

i can't sing.
that is painfully obvious.
most people turn the music up when i start singing-and it's not so that i sing louder, too.
and once, i swear a caused a crack in my mom's windshield.
i just can't sing.
it's hard to admit, but it's the truth.

but sometimes i hear songs and in my mind i log that song away into:
"songs i will cover when my dream comes true and i wake up one day with an amazing voice"
and one of my favorite, favorite, favorite things is hearing a cover artist take a song that is usually pretty ehh and turning it into something pretty incredible.
i love that.
i love cover music.
and on occasion i end up loving the cover more than the original.
(mostly any cover of any katy perry song)

anyways, i'm mostly rambling now.
so i'll get on with the playlist portion.
the playlist, as i'm sure you have guessed now, is a compilation of really great cover songs performed by really great artists.

i don't love all of them more than the originals, but i do love all of them.
and i hope you do, too.
so tune in and get some cover lovin'.
 and be sure to watch the videos of Jayme Dee (plus the ones i didn't put on here...) because she is incredibly talented and i love her versions of every song she does and she just doesn't have her music on spotify yet. otherwise she would be on the playlist-without question.

 ...and don't judge me for my dream that will never actually come true.


lyrics: raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth.

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