April 6, 2011

it was happy.

le sigh.
i feel very old.
and i mean it.
where did time go?

anyways, i won't be debbie downer anymore.
because despite how old i am feeling and how sad it makes me that i am 23, i did have a fantastic birthday.
i woke up to these cute faces:

one of them woke me up with a slap in the face and a "get me breakfast" sort of whine.
i'll let you guess which one it was.

(sidenote: seriously-cutest husband and cutest puppy in the entire freaking world. i can't even handle it. end sidenote.)

actually, i woke up at midnight (my time, not utah time) to two text messages from brittany and jenn (who both live in utah) wishing me a happy birthday. i love them for that. they're so thoughtful. best friends.

garrett took gilly out and gave her breakfast while i got ready.
my mom came over.
and the three of us drove to hilton head and spent the whole day shopping at the outlets.
and we ate lunch at panera. delicious.
i finally got new clothes...they were much needed.
and much appreciated.(thanks mom. you're the very best.)

when i came home i got on facebook and read over 40 comments of happy birthday wishings.
it was very happy.
what could have possibly made my birthday better? i'll tell you.
two blog posts in my birthday honor.

one from grace:
(title included, you will not likely understand any of this.)

I don’t hate you cause you’re fat…you’re fat because I hate you

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Kate aka Levardis aka Trang Peck aka the greatest person you will ever meet. It just so happens that today is her birthday, and while Kate thinks her 23rd birthday would be appropriately spent checking out senior centers and investing in a pair of orthopedic shoes, I love her anyway, so let me be that blogger and give you “23 reasons why I love Kate because its her 23rd birthday and thats just the way we do things”
Disclaimer: The majority of these things will make zero sense to anybody else, but its not like anyone reads this tumblr anyway, so whatevs, here we go.
1. She is literally one of the ONLY people I can do nothing with and still have a great time, some of the best times we’ve had involve sitting on couches/love sacs watching mean girls, and food, always food.
2. She named her puppy Gilly. No, she’s not shorry.
3. Sonic
4. She took her card getting declined by Rag the Vag like a champ
5. With great mustache comes great responsibility
6. She actually DIDN’T totally freak out that one time
7. I know I can do completely stupid things and she’ll still love me. This theory has been tested, proven, and even joked about.
8. She loves my diabeetus
9. She would’ve let me get scabies on her blanket
10. She sends me the most random/hilarious picture messages.
11. I’m rocking hardcore learning disabilities and I’ve got one leg. Jealous?
12. I’ll have a glass of ze meh-low and ice wah-tare
13. Whats up its Jenelle?
14. Teen Mom 2
15. Socially awkward encounters in Smiths, we’re not from the ATL, shorry.
16. She doesn’t let it get her down when her subs get trampled
17. Best. Pancakes. Ever.
18. She always cleans up when I have friends coming over.
19. Seriously one of the most genuine, kind, and compassionate people I know. No battle.
20. Come in may I?
21. She has had Bailey’s from a shoe.
22. She shares my love for facebook stalking/creeping/blog stalking, and lives in mutual fear with me for the day when facebook tracks who visits who’s profile and how frequently.
23. Such a good friend. I’ve never lived closer than 2 hours from her and have always felt that our friendship is just as strong as it would be if we lived 2 blocks from one another.
I could go on, but I’ll spare everyone, and by everyone, I mean the maybe 10 2 people that will visit this tumblr, and only because I’m putting a link on facebook.
Happy Birthday Kate, maybe Badge will come visit you for your birthday?

and one from miss Ashley:
happy birthday to my twin.

Today is a special day for this lovely lady, it is her birfday.

you can say that i love her lots. [and obviously she loves me too]
we got lucky to be roommates the year before she got married, so we had some fun times together. like during the month of October, she sat and watched Hocus Pocus with me 13 + times. who else would do that? we were obsessed. and i love that she was as obsessed as I was.
Sadly, Kate and I only met once as EFY participants, but we made up for those lost times and got to be counselors together for a few years. We got to experience something we both love and enjoy so much- it was such a blast with this girl!

This girl is SO creative. You should see all the scrapbooking things she has, I drool over them. She is so creative. She made her own wedding announcements and her bouquets. Seriously, this girl is amazing. [oh, and a fun road trip partner]
Kate is one of the sweetest and most caring people I know. She loves her family more than anything and always wants her friends to be happy. I could feel that a lot from her when we were roommates last year.
And she got married to her best friend. I can't remember a time when I saw her more happier than when I saw her walk out of that temple. She was GLOWING. And her wedding was fabulous.
We also share the same love for youtube videos. There were nights we would just sit at our computers and watch some pretty hilarious videos for HOURS. and then we proceeded to quote them daily.
I also got to experience my first time at the Festival of Colors with this woman. Oh my word, such a blast and I was so happy we got to share that moment together.
One of my most favorite things about Kate is how much she loves this gospel. You can see it in her eyes. She knows so much about it, and she loves it with all her being. She has been such a great example to me and has helped strengthen my testimony.
I could go on and on and on about how much I love this girl.
She is one fabulous friend and I am SO glad we met many years ago exchanging some tears at EFY. I knew we'd be good friends at that moment. She is sadly now back in Georgia and I miss her dearly. But I know she is happy and I couldn't be happier for her!
I love you so much Miss Katie Claire! I hope it's been a spectacular birthday :)

i. am. blessed.
that's all i could think yesterday.

aside from getting fantastic clothes from my mom, i got the spend the day with her and my husband. i got to hear my niece and nephew (meg and isaac) wish me a happy birthday and tell me they love me. i got numerous texts and phone calls from dear friends and family. i got tons of facebook happy birthdays. and i got this super cute picture from my niece, abby.

(aaaannnd i got to watch the teen mom 2 reunion. thanks mtv for that marvelous present.)

i really do feel so blessed.

so thank you.
for all of the texts, facebook comments, gifts, and blog posts.

definitely the best birthday i have ever had.
it will definitely go down in the recipe book of life. because it was definitely a slice of life.


lyrics: and how lucky am i to be so alive in this world. oh, how precious are we just to simply be in this world.

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