October 23, 2010

key key buckets.

day 46: photos of personal things in your life (pets, family, house, ect).

so i have a few loves in my life.

there's the obvious husband.

and my parents.

and siblings.

but there are 6 other little loves of my life.

first: is a little boy by the name of .

he is the reason i'm a big sister.

and i love, love, love him more than a big sister knows how to say.

and then there's

abby was the first one to make me an aunt.

and the minute i found out she was born i sat on my dorm room bed and began to cry.

my joy was full.

and every time i see her i feel that way again.

and every time i see her i'm in awe of how much of a pretty little girl she's becoming.

then there's my

my meggie.

this little girl just warms my heart.

she has these huge, crooked teeth and every smile is so contagious.

oh my word.

she is just sugary.

i got to watch her for a weekend and it was just lovely.

i got to snuggle with her every morning and she would my hand everywhere she went.

she also called me "ma".

love her and the way she calls chicken nuggets "key key buckets"

then came

my first nephew.

and a cute one he is.

the same summer i got to watch meggie i got to spend a few days with sir isaac.

he and i just snuggled on the couch while brenna slept in.

he was still so tinsy, tiny that he would curl his legs up and stick his bum out while i held him.

and since he was so dang cute while he did it i pretty much did everything while still holding him.

but then he got bigger.

and his little, gummy smile just won my heart.

he's such a little man cub.

you can't not love him.

and a few weeks after isaac was

but we call her ellie bean.

or just bean.

from what i can tell and from what i've been told,

the bean looks like i did as a baby.

and maybe that's why i just get get thrilled, absolutely thrilled, when i see her.

i'll have it be known that she is hands down the happiest baby i have ever encountered.

and she does "ellie fingers".

but after close observation of a home video of yours truly, it turns out that they're not actually ellie fingers.

they're katie fingers.

how fantastic is that?

ellie and i must be twins.

and the latest and greatest addition is




he's only a little over a month old

and even though i haven't met him yet,

i just love him a ton.

i especially love him in burrito form.

i look forward to christmas when i can kiss his cheeks and hold him all day long.

okay. so that's it.

those are my loves.

cutest little faces in the world.

i love when i get to see them.

i'm the luckiest aunt katie in the whole world.

thank you siblings and parents for providing me with my little loves.



lyrics: but whatever road you choose, i'm right behind you..

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