April 9, 2011

anti-cancer crafts.

the weather lately has been beautiful.
i got to lay out at my parent's house a few days ago. that was marvelous.
our apartment complex still hasn't opened our pool. that is irritating.
because i would like to be laying out every day. but i cannot. because gas is too expensive to drive to my parent's just to sleep in the sunlight.
so in lieu of tanning in beautiful weather i have been crafting.
i was asked to teach a class at my church's super saturday shindig that is coming up soon.
i'm teaching a scrapbooking-esque class on how to make paper bag albums and exploding boxes.
i've made paper bag albums before.
but i had never even heard of an exploding box.

thank the heavens above for google.
after reading through a few tutorials i made a prototype out of ugly scrap paper.
and then i made another one to perfect it.
and then another one.
and then finally a real one.
and this is what i came up with.

(i used my engagement photos and a lot of stuff that Jen Gallacher sent me. she is fabulous. check her out.)

so that is an exploding box.
once you take the top off the whole thing drops open and "explodes" into a mini scrapbook album.
it's pretty fun and it's a great way to use up some left over scrap paper.

now i just have to make another paper bag album.
luckily, i will have plenty of time for that since gas is still pricey and my apartment pool won't be open for another 3 freaking weeks.
oh well. c'est la vie.

i have to go kiss the face off of my gilly girl.


lyrics: everything works in your arms.

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  1. um hello mrs crafty! These are SO cute!! I love them! and you and i miss you! Phone date SOON!