April 4, 2011

never want to grow up.

my birthday is in t-minus 2 hours and 50 minutes.
eastern standard time.
just saying.

also, i am old.
someone stop the madness of getting old.

what is that?
i suffer from peter pan complex.


lyrics: being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up.


  1. remember how in t-21 days i'll be 30. when you're 30 you can begin to say you're old. as of now, you're only 2 years into legally drinking and being older than the returned missionaries, 1 election into voting/buying cigarettes and only have been able to relive your high school experience once. when the amount of time you've been out of high school is equal to or greater than the sum total of your schooling, you can call yourself old. In the meantime, happy birthday 7 more times. No doubt when you're turning 30 I'll remind you how you're still not old because I will be nearly 40. :) See you in 7!

  2. Old schmold. You're perfect. :) And know what's cool? The older you get the more you can excuse your age as the reason for your behavior. LOL!