March 2, 2011

total request live.

so this week i'm going to mix things up a bit.
wednesday tends to sneak up on me sometimes and i realize i don't have a topic for free slice.
so instead of just bs-ing my way through one this week (because i don't want to do that to you, dears) i am going to leave these topics up to YOU.
that's right.
i mean after all, it's free slice wednesday, right??
aren't you supposed to get something from it?
i think so.

so here's the deal.
down at the bottom of this post is a little link that says spray painted. that's the comment link.
so click on it. write your suggestions/requests for what you want me to write about in the future.
anything to do with the theme of free slice wednesday.
so whether it's people or music or experiences or husband or memories...or whatever. i'll write it. just for you.
exciting, right?
i'm counting on you.
even if you're not a follower (though you should be) feel free to comment.
i'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

make it happen.


lyrics: there's nothing better than waking up to a new day. so wake me when you see life's worth living out.


  1. Favorite girls camp memory..
    (this could be good)

  2. You could always do a piece about therapeutic your blog or your pictures or your scrapbooking-how you got into it and why you're still into it. As well as make-up and know-all the things you're so great at!!! :D Or your favorite hangout spot in Provo ;) haha. We miss you!

  3. Top 10 funniest moments. Go. also, feel free to blog about me. Other ideas:
    "I'm Paul Hamm"
    Love for the olympics
    inability to keep a camera/ technology's hatred toward you
    paper route
    "do my toes"
    "lucky sharms"
    "I hate you"
    "Norman Jehosaphat Longbottom"
    "new Jamos"
    "i have a phone"
    SAT "prep"
    the christmas of coke

  4. anything that doesn't involve me spoiling everyone's fun and witching at everyone like I tend to do in every family movie/video....just sayin

  5. Best prank that you have pulled on someone!