March 5, 2011

button up.

since i mostly have no life i have had ample opportunity to work on this blog of mine.
(i know what you're thinking. and to answer the question you just asked yourself, yes this is the best i've got. so don't sass me in your brain anymore.)

if you glide your eyes over to the right a bit you will see new fun sidebar items. i like them. you should too.
i also made a few more buttons that you should post on your blog if you have one.




don't know how to post it on your blog?
i'll teach you.
first, go to the Buttons link up at the top.
under each button is a little rectangle with a code in it.
copy that code, go to your blog, paste the code in your sidebar and bam.
lucky duck that you are, you've got my button!

if you would like, you can go ahead and do it now.
i'll wait.
i'll even hum some kenny g to myself in lieu of hold music.
go on.
welcome back.
...i actually don't have anything else to say.
except that falling over while putting on my pants is happening way more often than it isn't.
and i am always very grateful that husband isn't there to laugh at me when it happens.

also, i did green glitter toes on myself today (for st. patrick's day, of course) and i colored my hair on my own.
i amaze myself.
it wasn't always a blast (and i probably could never bring myself to go back) but hair school sure did pay off.

and aren't we grateful?
happy saturday evening.


lyrics: now's the time that we need to share. so lend a smile we're on our way back home.

ps. if you haven't suggested anything for future free slice wednesdays, you should do it. go.

1 comment:

  1. Yes. Hair school paid off plus we'd never have met if it wAsnt for dr. Haha and hair by yourself? Impressive. I've sit don't nothing since you did it. I still haven't accepted you left me.