March 1, 2011


creepiest picture ever?
don't worry. it will make sense in a bit.

foolishly, i slept in my contacts for the past 4 nights.
painfully, i awoke this morning to a nasty case of conjunctivitis or something like it.

the best description i have for the way it feels is the combination of:
a pulled eye muscle
a black eye
an embedded stick

it's hurty. to say the least.
also, i had to take out my contact (obvi)...but since i was at my parent's house and without my glasses, i decided to keep my other contact in. this has resulted in me being completely unable to focus on anything all day. that has resulted in me walking around winking--in an attempt to close the hurty eye and focus with the contacted eye. and that has resulted in me looking like the aforeposted horrendous picture of popeye the sailor man.

needless to say, i am super cute today.

it's days like today that i wish i were as talented as snooki at wah-ing.



lyrics: the sun will rise and put your mind at ease so please close your eyes

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