June 10, 2013

alive and kicking.

remember me?
i used to blog here before my entire existence went absolutely nuts.
in case you don't know what's going on, garrett and i currently live (as in, our actual place of residence) in georgia. he was offered an internship in salt lake city, utah. the past month was spent in a frantic search for a place to live, a person to sublease our house in georgia and like a couple thousand doll hairs for us to live off of for the summer. easy peasy. also, i had to do a buttload of cleaning, packing and last minute hair appointments (because hey, 3 months without me was going to be devastating for some of my regular clients..)

the week garrett and i were to leave was nothing short of hectic. 
my dad flew into town from utah so that he could do some work on my parent's house to make it more sell-worthy. garrett was busy with finals and work, but my sister,jackie, and her family came down to help my dad and i just couldn't not help, too. so, hedge trimmer in hand, i teetered on an unbalanced ladder and went to town on the shrubbery in my parent's front and back yard. at one point my sister accidentally jammed the hedge trimmer into the inside of my knee/lower thigh area. i guess you could say it hurt. and i earned a pretty decent bruise from it. but stumbling backwards into the prickly poisonous briar caused just as much pain. and resulted in no less than 12 ginormous, itchy, red circles to appear on the back of my leg. i was looking pretty.

when the yard work was done, jackie and i removed about a thousand old, rusty nails from about a thousand planks of wood and then we built a new fence together. at one point a roach scurried up my inner thigh. i don't even. i just can't. at another point, i had been gripping the drill so tightly for so long i couldn't straighten out my fingers. i felt like Chandler when he beat Phoebe's pac-man score. 

after a few days it was time for my dad to go back home. i drove him to the airport and stopped at my parents' house again to do some deep cleaning. between the hours of 8pm wednesday night and 1pm thursday afternoon, i did everything on this list at my own house. 

(AND I STILL DID MY INSANITY WORKOUT. i seriously impressed myself with that one.)
it got crazy for a little while. and i'd be lying if i said i got through it without snapping at garrett a few times. 

but we did get through it. and we actually made it on the road only one hour after we had originally planned on leaving. 
(this was taken the sunday before we left. 3 months of not being the nursery leaders in church will be lovely. peace out kids.)

i'll regale you with the stories of our 3 days of travel in my next post. it would be far too much for just one post. 

but i'm alive. and i am well. and i am loving utah. so stay tunned.


lyrics: i wanna free fall out into nothing. gonna leave this world for awhile.  


  1. Yay so glad to hear from you again! :) Good luck in Utah!

  2. That Pirates gif made me LOL. I can't even imagine how you handled the last month of your life. I would have been a shriveled ball of anxiety curled up in the corner. GET IT GURL. So glad to hear you're loving it, and hopefully your claw fingers returned to normal (cliff hanger?)

  3. You're back! and you referenced friends because you know I missed that show too!!!!! how sweet of you.

  4. I hope you took a picture of your cool bruise! ;) Glad you're alive and well!

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  6. When I read your post title, I first thought you were announcing you're pregnant and the baby is alive and kicking!! :)