June 21, 2013


sometime in the not so distant future i will remember that i have a blog and then i'll remember to update it more often. in the mean time, if you find yourself just jonesing for more frequent updates on my summer in utah, feel free to mosey on over to instagram and follow me there. because heaven knows i post on that bad boy way more often than i should. 

anyways, time for a quick update:
facebook has hashtags and instagram has videos.

it took some days, but garrett and i finally got settled into our basement apartment here in Salt Lake. maybe i've mentioned it before, i don't know..and i don't care enough to go back and read my past posts. but my great uncle and aunt are being absolute saints and letting garrett, gilly and me stay in their basement apartment for the small price of $Free.99. like, i don't even. we're just so grateful. it's perfect and exactly what we needed (complete with a large selection of Disney (VHS) movies.)

the first week was rough without the interweb, but i painted my nails like 6 times and laid out for more hours than i should admit. but it was beautiful and wonderful and i don't regret it at all. 

once we finally got internet, i started back into all of the blog designs i left hanging for a few weeks while my life got cray-cray. i'm slowly but surely finishing them up. (sorry again to all of you who had to wait!)

we've been trying to check off our list of fun activities that can only be done while we're in utah. this list includes things like:

1)eat at jdawgs. 
i have been craving jdawgs fortnightly since we left utah 3 years ago. it was magical and wonderful and i can't wait until i get to eat it again. 

 2)eat at costa vida/cafe rio. 
yes, we've done both. but i don't have a single picture to prove it because i tear into that sweet pork salad so quickly that by the time i remember to document it, it's not worth documenting anymore. (the same thing happened with jdawgs-which is why i only have a picture of the exterior of the building.)

 3)go to the temple. 
back in Georgia it's a 3 hour drive to the nearest temple. the distance, the gas money and our schedules make it fairly difficult for us to go on any kind of regular basis. but we determined that there would be absolutely NO excuse to not go while we're here in Utah. we decided to go to the Jordan River temple last Tuesday. and then we pulled up and found out that it was temporarily closed for cleaning. waaamp waaamp. so we headed over to the Oquirrh Mountain temple (only a few miles away. thank you, utah.) and attended there instead. it was great and that temple is seriously so beautiful. we're hoping to be able to go to the temple at least once a week. and we're pretty excited about it.
4) go to as many parks/skate parks as possible. 
garrett has been skating since he was a mere embryo. so our move to savannah was a rough transition for him. the sidewalks are either heavily cracked or made of cobblestone. there are no hills to be found. and real/free skate parks don't exist. but, as you probably already know, hills are not difficult to find here in utah. and skate parks are around every corner, it seems. (also there's a mini ramp INSIDE the office garrett is interning in. so..) garrett has been able to skate pretty regularly with his cousin, nate since we've been here. sometimes he goes by himself. sometimes i tag along with gilly and lay in the grass and soak up the awesomeness that is a cool, dry, summer evening. sometimes i just take pictures of that cute boy i married and the curls in my hair that don't fall after 2 minutes of being outside.

we've also been frequenting regular parks. we take gilly on walks and none of us die a tragic death by humidity and heat. in fact, i was actually a little chilly the other night. is this real life?! 

lately we have gotten into the habit of making gilly jump up and sit on various objects. it's sort of really great. and we've created a new instagram hashtag entitled #gillysit just for these occasions. 
we're weird. i know. 

like a furry venus de milo. but with arms. and her cheek caught on her tooth. same same.

so that's that. i'm still like 2 weeks behind on updates, but i'm confident i'll catch up soon. ish.

we're really loving life these days and we're already feeling like the summer is going by too quickly. 

le sigh.
i guess some things never change. 


lyrics: summer breeze makes me feel fine.


  1. please, please, please watch all the disney movies and then make instavids of you singing along. kthanksbye

  2. Utah is so spoiled with their abundance of temples! So lucky

  3. I forget how lucky we are in Utah. We have a lot of stuff that other states don't offer. Thanks for this post :)

  4. I adore your pup. She is gorgeous, I'm sure our dog Brutus would love her as a girlfriend ;)
    And I want a J-Dawg. Right now.

  5. I'm not going to lie, your summer seems pretty nice! :)