May 7, 2013

the anti-pack rat

i wonder if instagram has some sort of notification that comes up that's like HEY, LADY! YOU TAKE TOO MANY PICTURES OF YOUR DOG! i totally wouldn't qualify for such a notification. i was just wondering. 

so, good news: God really does hear and answer prayers and garrett and i were able to figure out our housing in Utah this weekend. we'll be living in the basement apartment of my dad's uncle's house. i've never met the guy,  but i've also never met a member of my family that i didn't like. true story. they're just good people.

it'll be small, but they don't mind gilly coming and that, above all other issues, seemed to be the biggest hurdle to get over so we're grateful we'll be able to bring her. 

i just don't think i could go 3 months without gilly.
i mean what would i take pictures of if not my dog?

yesterday a girl that garrett works with came to look at our house. she is pretty committed to staying here while we're gone. we're hoping she can find a roommate (so that rent is completely taken off of our shoulders)and once a little bit of paperwork is done, i can completely check FIGURE OUT HOUSING off of my to do list.

side note: garrett was looking at my To Do List and made fun of me because i indicated on that list two other lists that i needed to make. is that not normal? making lists of the lists you need to make? how is anyone supposed to remember anything if it's not written down three times?

the next couple days are going to be all about rigorous spring cleaning. when moving (or when i just get an insatiable itch to completely de-clutter my house) my heart tends to freeze over and lose nearly all my sentiment towards everything i own. maybe i'm just like the worst person ever. i don't know. it's not that i'm not totally THRILLED about your past nuptials, but if you've already eaten the top of your wedding cake there is absolutely no reason for me to hold on to your announcement. especially when we both know you only sent it so that you would get a gift. (don't lie. we've all done it.) 

dear garbage men, i'm sorry for the extra buttload of trash you will have to haul into your stinky truck next tuesday. feel free to make a creepy collage of all of my friends' engagement photos. 

i should probably get out of bed now. 
don't judge me.
technically i've gotten out of bed like 10 times. (you know, to eat breakfast and to pee like 9 times.)
i just keep getting back in because my house is currently super cold, it's raining outside and gilly is curled up so tightly and sleeping next to me. 
i can't disturb this. 

even the To Do List and all of my anti-pack rat cleaning urges can wait until she wakes up.
until then, i think i'll just take another picture of her.  


lyrics: now i know i wish it would rain down, down on me.

ps. tomorrow is the second week of The Truth About link up. join me and Myranda from Pretty Living PDX as we spill the beans on The Truth About My Job. (keep in mind, JOB can be defined as your 9-5 job or your job as a home maker, wife or dog mom.)

also, if you have any The Truth About link up topic ideas or if you want to co-host with me, feel free to email me at kcwessman {at} gmail {dot}com


  1. I am the same..I take way to many pictures of my dogs. Its okay!

  2. I'm SO excited about tomorrow's link-up. I've been brainstorming post ideas all weekend, and I decided that it's going to be my truth/vent about being a stylist! :) I've been browsing the web for entertaining images!
    I'm so glad that you found housing, hooray for you! I'm excited that you'll be in Utah this summer. Amanda (We&Serendipity) and I are planning a blogger get together in June and you are definitely on our list to invite!
    And I make lists... lots of them. i have a notebook and there is a tab that I've labeled, 'Lists'.... I'm pathetic!

  3. a) there is no such thing as too many dog pictures on insta b) making lists makes you feel more in order, even if that isn't actually the case c) congrats on the housing part being checked off - that's the best part of making a list. I like to use another color when I cross the finished item off my list. really brings it home that it is complete.

  4. Getting out of bed can totally wait...just like putting on pants can totally wait for me. It's exciting that you're working everything out like that. I hope it continues to go smoothly.

    PS - I totally wanted to do the link up last time but couldn't think of any body quirks! Then last night my brain reminded me of one while I was trying to go to sleep and I was like darn you, brain.

  5. Doesn't it feel GReAT to get rid of "stuff?" Because stuff is really all it is. My new motto for moving is POP. Purge, organize, pack. We are showing our home now so it has to spotless all the time.... Insane!

  6. I purge the condo all the time. Sometimes I get rid of things I wind up needing later, but that's rare. I like having a clean home with just the things I need and use often.

  7. So glad you got errythang semi-figured out. I'm the same way every time I move, I throw away basically everything that's not a kitchen utensil or a cat.

  8. I am so glad you worked out housing, and I hope this girl finds a roommate and keeps your house nice for you when you return! Also, I love making lists. One time I wrote "brush teeth" just so I could check something off. Aaand I about snorted when you gave your garbage men permission to make a creepy collage.