April 1, 2013

waiting for spring.

happy spring and easter from us.

for reasons i don't completely understand (mostly because i haven't done any kind of research on the issue) the weather usually associated with this time of year has been completely MIA. 

i live in south georgia. i grew up here. and after so many years, i've come to understand that there are just some things you can count on here.

1.St. Patrick's day will be nuts. and probably everyone's favorite holiday. 

2.june-september is just bloody miserable. and i know what you're thinking. you're thinking you know what i mean. but you're wrong. unless you know what it's like to exist in 98% humidity (with clear skies and no rain)and 98 degrees at the same time. if you know what that's like, then may the gods of summer have mercy on your soul and bless you for enduring this season from hell.

3.if the weather is at all nice and bearable, there will be sand gnats (and yes, they bite.) and mosquitos the size of your thumb nail to ruin that nice weather. and your sanity.

4.your hair will frizz. even if you don't have an ounce of curl in your hair, it will frizz. fighting it is futile. 

5.if you "don't get allergies" you will here. and you will temporarily drive a yellow car, as the pollen gets absolutely nuts for some time.

6.the seasons are completely off. christmas might be warm. it might be cool, but rarely will it ever be cold. the leaves change in january. spring begins in early/mid february. and summer starts in March. 

but this year has been different.
it has been legitimately cold for a long time. not freezing. but cold. we would have a day or two of spring-esque weather and then the next week would be cold again. like the heater was still on in our house. like i was still wearing ugg boots and sweatshirts. that kind of cold. 

and then, just as i was wondering if spring was going to be bypassed completely, it sprung.

garrett, gilly and i spent our easter weekend with my sister's family (sadly, her family was the only one of my siblings that was able to come for the easter weekend.)the doors were kept open, swimmy suits were worn and we played outside as much as possible. there was even a mini easter egg hunt. 

it was a good reminder of just how much i love spring and easter. 
it was hard to remember when the blustery wind was blowing in my face and making my hands freeze. but i quickly remembered how lovely spring can be. minus the bugs. because they were, of course, present. 


lyrics: if i had a song that i could sing for you i'd sing a song to make you feel this way.

ps. it's officially my birthday week. cue freaking out.


  1. Happy Birthday Week! And your hair looks awesome!

  2. you two are adorable. and those two. and gavin. that little blue smock is TO DIE FOR. and i have jackie's pink dress. or she has mine?! i can't remember if i ever wrote my long comment that i wrote in my head 10x so i will go check... if not, it's coming!

  3. Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I AM from Miami, after all. Humidity = hair death and broken hair hopes + dreams. However, we thankfully don't get allergies in Miami since we're so close to the water. I miss not having allergies (spring + summer in Utah KILLS me).

    P.S.: You guys are so dang good looking!

  4. What a great picture of you two. The weather has been pretty crazy all over the place. But we finally were graced with the presence of spring this weekend too.

  5. Ah, happy birthday week!!! Birthday weeks are my favorite things ever!!!


  6. You guys are so cute! Also happy birthday week!! Love those!!! I also am over this cold weather..spring showed its face today!

  7. Is that little boy in a dress? Kate please explain. PS y'all are adorable and your hair is ROCKIN like somethin else. Hair jealousy.

    1. hahahaha no, he's not in a dress. it's like an old school pantaloons kind of onesie outfit. it's super cute and vintage-esque. but yes, it does look like a dress if you can't see the bottom. and thanks. except don't look at my hair too closely. it hasn't been cut in a year and a half and it hasn't been colored in a year. it cries for you daily.

  8. This post made me smile. I don't know where you are in south Georgia, but I'm in the Florida panhandle, and you spoke straight to my heart. We were all THRILLED when it warmed up this weekend. Yay for a warm-ish Easter!

  9. Happy Birthday! I live in South Louisiana and my allergies are atrocious! Ugh! The pics of you and your man are sooo cute! You look beautiful as always! Not sure what celeb you look like, I'm still working on it, but everytime I see your profile pic it's on the tip of my tongue. Has anyone ever said you look like someone famous...maybe it will jog my memory!

  10. Happy Birthday week! Seattle has crazy seasons too...well...not that crazy just mainly rainy (all the time). I am so ready for spring sunshine and flowers and cute spring dresses! Your Easter looks so cute!

  11. Happy FREAKING Birthday baby girl!
    I'm super jealous of the warm weather you're getting right now! We're still in heavy coats/ice on the streets season here.
    PS. you're gorgeous.

  12. Blehh I didnt think about the bugs. Maybe I dont want to move there, ew!!

  13. I want to hear your South Georgia accent.
    California has great weather. No sand gnats, no giant mosquitos, and barely there humidity. This state is the best. Move here.