February 12, 2013

lovey dovey love songs.

engagement picture. january 2010.
once upon a time when like no one read this blog ever, i started doing a little thing called Tune in Tuesday. you see, i have this thing for music.
my blog name comes from a song. and every single post since the very first one has ended in lyrics.
so, yes. i have a thing for music.
and i thought it would be fun to dedicate each Tuesday to some awesome jams.
but no one else was really digging it as much as i was so i 86ed it and hoped for a time when it would be better received.
and maybe that time is now? 
i'm not sure. we'll see.

but in honor of this week of love, i decided it was a good time to bring back Tune in Tuesday out of retirement for at least this one Tuesday. because what the heck is Valentine's day/a good celebration of love without some awesome love songs?

last year i posted a playlists of love songs that reminded me of garrett in celebration of our 2 year anniversary. and despite the fact that no one read that post or listened to those jams, i didn't want to post the same old playlist. that would be boring. and i like the idea of having more than one playlist dedicated to obnoxious, mushy feelings. don't you?


so, while that playlist is more fun and up beat, this playlist of love is a little deeper. (are you gagging yet?) it's full of the kind of songs that make you want to weep and smooch your love at the very same time.

so tune in, smooch your boo and tell me what your favorite love songs are.


lyrics: even after all this time, nothing else i ever find in this whole wide word can shake me like you do.


  1. Pretty Living PDX sent you - glad to find your blog through the giveaway - found you on instagram as well. i love music - such a big part of my life. makes me happy & turn a sad day into a perfect one. have a great <3 day. take care. ( :

  2. Pretty Living PDX sent me. I often have wondered what a world would be like without music. I shudder. Love music!

  3. I may have to steal this playlist :)

    1. please do!! that's what Tune in Tuesdays were all about!

  4. I like this idea! Excited to listen to this playlist! : )