April 17, 2006

eloquent graffiti

in 2007 i moved from my home in georgia across the country to utah (to attend cosmetology school and later BYU).
while in utah, i found myself missing my home terribly and feeling like a lot of life was happening and i was doing nothing to take note of it.
this blog is the love child of those two things.

at the time i began my blogging journey (and the far more challenging than i had expected journey of learning css and html and wtf and blah blah blah) i was in a very strange place.

a lot was changing in my life.
i was changing.
and i was trying to figure out how i was to hold on to who i was and still grow to become something more. 
i had a whole lot of life to live, but i was afraid i would lose or forget myself. 

at this point in my life, i discovered a song that sort of changed my life, if you will.
(and you will.)
The Song:
 The Trapeze Swinger by Iron and Wine.*
  The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine on Grooveshark

there's a beautiful story in the song.
and more often than not, i feel like i am that frightened trapeze swinger. 
always in between. 
not always certain of what comes next.

when the time came for me to name my blog, i could only think of this song.
i contemplated "please remember me". after all, it seemed fitting with my situation.
but there was another part of the song that spoke to me more. it was a perfect depiction of my life.
not a chorus. not a line.
just two words.
eloquent graffiti.

it just seemed to fit.
because really, that's all my writing (or my life for that matter) is. 
sometimes it's beautiful and sweet.
sometimes it's just a mess that doesn't make sense. 
it's scrambled. it's weird. it's fairly unique.
it's deep and it's raw
it's light and it's easy.
it's a lot.
it's just writing. but it's mine.

i hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy living it and writing it.
stay a while. let's be friends.


lyrics: so bright in cinder grey and spray paint.


  1. You are awesome. That's all I have to say . :)

  2. Wow, I love this and I'm loving your blog! Amazing!!!

  3. I'm so happy to have found this blog! Love it.. I agree w/Kelsey; you're certainly awesome! Ha and that V-Day post w/your hubby's answers was genius! Loved it. Anyways, hope you come back to UT @ some point :); we'd be glad to have ya!!

  4. I drawn to your blog because of the name. I recognized it immediately, because it is one of my favorite songs too. I am now a new follower and look forward to reading all of your posts!

  5. love, love, love iron & wine... this friendship via the blogging world (is there a name for that?) is starting out quite nicely :)