January 7, 2013

weekend update

that's what we are.

garrett started back at school today. 
he's been on  break since November 16th. 
longest break ever, right?

but it's been nice. 
i like having him around. 
(most of the time.)
he was so busy last semester, i felt like the only time we spent together was the short, sleepy conversations we had just before  i fell asleep first  we dozed off together.
so starting up a new semester isn't exactly the most thrilling idea for me. 
especially since garrett will also be working in addition to going to school. 
oh well. the curse of marrying a student, right?
ahhh college education. something special, yes? 
well, i guess i wouldn't really know.
got dumped, suffered from severe undiagnosed and untreated depression, got the swine flu and walking pneumonia and couldn't decide on a major and consequently dropped out  gave that up for lent. 

but before the classes and the work  and the several hours spent at his desk and the many, many meals eaten quickly so that he could get back to work and the never ending flow of due projects begins again we got to spend one really fantastic weekend together.

Garrett's car was finally fixed, and i was about as ready to leave my house as Kanye West was ready to steal Kim's thunder by announcing her pregnancy for her (hey, Kanye. what's with you hogging the lady lime light? first taylor. now your baby mama? not cool. you better watch yourself.) so we had an entire day long date. 

we took gilly to the park. because let's face it. she was losing it. looooosing it. and consequently, i was too. she loves the park. so much so that we can't say the word. hearing the word stirs up so much excitement that my 75 year old house just cannot handle.  we have to get all Speak and Spell to throw her off the scent.  it's P-A-R-K or she will go buck wild and bust a parkour move in an effort to jump through the door.  

after the P-A-R-K, we went to the mall to exchange a pair of jeans i got for christmas. they didn't have the jeans in the right size (let's talk about how "Regular" is still roughly 5 inches too long on my short legs..) so i had to get a different style. in doing so, i got a return of 10 dollars. so i bought a shirt. and paid 3 cents for that shirt. #winning

after the mall, we went to Ulta. sweet, sweet Ulta. where i spent $40 of a $100 gift card.
after the mall, we went to Best Buy so garrett could exchange the christmas present i bought him that sucks that didn't work for something better different. skull candy headphones.
after best buy, we went to Outback where we used a gift card we received LAST year at Christmas. (please keep in mind that at this point, we have spent only 3 cents.)
(also, it's been probably 7 years since i last ate at an Outback.)
after Outback, we headed over to Petsmart to get Gilly a new ID tag. 
She lost her old one in a romp with her friend Champ.
and since she has a way of getting out of our yard on an incredibly regular basis, we felt it necessary to actually spend real money on getting her a new one.

the fancy pants machine at Petsmart that engraves the tag allowed us to have 4 lines of text on one side. Technically we only needed three lines. But since we're hysterical people who don't like to waste a perfectly good line, we filled it with painfully truthful information about Gilly.

(psst...guys, that's not our real phone numbers. i used some legit photoshops skills the editors of Victoria's Secret would be proud of.)

but seriously. gilly has a remarkable vertical jump and i have witnessed her jump our fence. without getting a running start. she might be robodog.

we also bought her a super soft and plush stuffed dog with 5 squeakers in it. he is aqua blue and so cuddly i was tempted to keep him for my own. gilly named him Ralph and while she has done a bit of corrective surgery on him, he remains in tact (for the most part) and she usually prefers snuggling him as she falls asleep to ripping him limb from limb. it is precious.

after going home to present gilly with her new toy and ID tag, we hung out a bit, played with gilly and then headed out to go see Les Mis. because seriously i needed to see that movie like 2 weeks ago. at the movie, we used a gift card from one of garrett's grandma's. (seriously. i love gift cards.) 

and are you ready for the best part of the story?
the movie theater was completely empty. 
just me and garrett.
it was like we were watching it at home.
except that i had a bra on.

but for real. AMAZING. 
the movie was incredible. obvi.
and not having to worry about holding back sobs so as not to embarrass myself in front of strangers? so nice. also, at one point garrett got his second bout of cinema bladder and had to leave to go to the bathroom. when he came back i was sitting in my seat, waving my hand in the air as though i was conducting the music and singing just as loudly as the movie the words: 
"do you hear the people sing?
singing the song of angry men?
it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
when the beating of your heart 
echoes the beating of the drums
there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!"

it was maybe one of the happier moments of my life.
i also silently sang the words (through tears) to I Dreamed a Dream, On My Own and A Little Fall of Rain. 

i'm fairly certain i want to rent out a movie theater every time i go see a movie from here on out.

it was a happy saturday.

and today means we are closer.
closer to graduation.
closer to a real job.
and that's pretty happy, too.


lyrics: and all i see is him and me forever and forever. 

ps. garrett is awesome. but when it comes to crying over conversation at the beauty and majesty that is a soul-moving and heart wrenching movie like Les Mis he just seems to fall short. so if anyone wants to discuss Les Mis and cry with me i will now be taking applications.  


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  2. i will always discuss and cry with you about les mis.

    1. i know you will. i tried to with garrett and he just stopped me and said "why don't you just call brittany and talk to her about it...she'll do this with you."

  3. haha I love the kanye-kim reference & can totally relate on les mis, the soundtrack has been on repeat in my car & husband is getting a little sick of it haha. I love your blog & just started following!

    Check mine out at www.nateandmaryclaire.blogspot.com & let me know what you think :)

  4. I just found your blog from Pretty Living PDX. I must say, I'm happy I did and can't wait to see more of your posts! Le Mis was AMAZING right?? I went with my husband and other family and it was a cry fest!
    Looks like you had a great weekend. :)
    -Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty