January 19, 2013

i'm your biggest fan

did i ever tell you about that time i took christmas pictures for my sister's family?
it wasn't anything special (read: i am not a professional photographer) but it was a lot of fun.
my brother was out there taking pictures on his Nikon at the same time. it was pretty legit and paparazzi-esque.

here are a few of my favorites i took.

and here are a few of Gilly (who was sick and tired of Winnie posing for pictures and not playing with her) transitioning into a beast dog. 

oh, gilly. you make me laugh. 


lyrics: i'll follow you until you love me.


  1. hahaha those pictures of gilly are beyond awesome. and so are some of jared's facial expressions in them.

    1. i know, right? i most especially love that you can see the fear in Winnie's eyes in the last picture.

  2. That last picture is hilarious. The picture on the other dogs face is priceless as Gilly is trying to eat it. haha.