January 20, 2013

easy as 123

i have gained a buttload of new followers as of late.
and while i would love to think that all of them are actually genuinely interested in my blog/life, i am enough of a realist to know they probably were just hoping to win the $40.00 gift card to Target that was being given away by sponsors (like me) of Pretty Living PDX.

but in case any of my new followers are loving it over here at Eloquent Graffiti and are itching to know more about me, i've decided the best way to scratch that itch will be by way of cheeseball blogosphere trends.

because you can't beat cheeseball blogosphere trends. you just can't.

the ABC's of me.

A - Available or married? 
married. his name is garrett. he is great.

B- Book? 
currently reading Little Women.

C- Cake or Pie? 

D- Drink of Choice? 
it's so rare that i drink something other than water. but i do love diet coke. 

E- Essential Item? 
my phone. i'm lame, i know. also, lipgloss.

F- Favorite Color? 
aqua/mint blue.

G- Game to play or watch? 

H- Hometown? 
Savannah, GA

I- Indulgence? 
i don't know how to say no to cookies. i even ate a stale oatmeal cream pie cookie last night because lesbehonest..a stale cookie is still a cookie.

J- Job? 
hair stylist and makeup artist.

K- Kids and names? 
Husky/Shepherd Mix named Gilly.

L- Life is incomplete without? 

M- Music group or singer? 
i am most indecisive when it comes to music. i mostly just love good lyrics. and jack's mannequin.

N- Number of siblings? 
technically, four. but i pretty much count my in-law siblings to be just as much family as the others.

(garrett looks like a goon.)

O- Oranges or apples? 
that's a toughie. apples. but only if they're gala.

P- Phobias/Fears? 
public bathrooms. spiders & bugs. 

Q- Favorite Quote? 
"i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night." galileo 

R- Reason to Smile? 
i suppose i have quite a few. but i've never been so sad that even gilly couldn't make me smile a little.

S- Season? 
they're all great for some amount of time. but i love Fall and Spring.

T- Tattoos? 

none. but not for lack of longing.

U- Unknown fact about me? 
i had my sweat glands removed from my arm pits. 

V- Vegetable you love? 
peas. and potatoes. and quite a few others. but not carrots. 

W- Worst habit? 
procrastination. self-depreciation. 

X- X-Rays you've had? 
wrists, foot, teeth and spine (i mean..i'm pretending that an MRI and an X-ray are the same thing. even though i know they're not-because the MRI provides 3D images of innards and an X-ray does not. and i'm hoping my brother, the radiologist, doesn't judge me too harshly..)

Y- Your favorite food? 
french fries. and indian food.

Z- Zodiac? 
aries. but i honestly couldn't tell you much about what that means.

so there you have it. 
copy and paste and let's hear a little bit more about you.


lyrics: but occasionally, i want to talk about me. 


  1. I will admit that I found your blog because of the giveaway, but whether I win or not will not determine if I'll be sticking around...because I definitely will :):) I love your blog and reading your posts! I'm so glad I found it and that I have a new awesome blog to read :D

    Your brother is a radiologist?! that's awesome! I was in radiology tech school last semester but I just didn't like it. We got to shadow an actual radiologist and I liked that a lot more but I just don't have the patience to go to school for that much longer lol :-P

    Hope you've had a great weekend!!

  2. I'm glad you did the giveaway...it led me to find you again. I've been talking and talking about how I "met" another Savannah blogger. My husband asked me what your name was....and I said "crap...I dunno it's somewhere on Twitter!" I still don't have the hang of it (as you can tell because I can't find me tweets with the Statesboro blogger). We do need to meet up! Pretty please!

  3. I loved reading this! I feel like I should copy and past and do this too! And here's something random...you and your husband weren't by chance in Nashville this morning were you??! I could have sworn I saw y'all at my church! Haha. If not, y'all have twinsies here!

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    1. i knew this would be the one post you ever read.

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  6. Such a cute post!!! Lovely getting to know you a little better!

    Love from South Africa. Would love you to stop by sometime!


  7. You always have such a cute blog and cute posts! Even though I *know* you, I don't know you all that well so it was fun to read a little more about you. Hope all is well in Savannah. We miss it. Sometimes.

  8. Love this post. It was nice getting to know you better!