January 23, 2013

Boy oh Boy...

i haven't done a ton of these link up posts before.
but when i read Erin's tweet last night about her "If I Was a Boy" post i knew i would be participating in this one.

at BYU, my apartment was friends with an apartment of boys who found it more convenient to do their laundry at our house than at the laundromat. obviously we dressed up and modeled their clothes when they left them there.. i mean...come on. 

If I Was A Boy...

-i would probably not be bothered by the fact that the grammatically correct way of making that statement would be "if i WERE a boy..." 

-i would sleep so much more soundly knowing that i could wake up 5 minutes before i was supposed to leave and still get my entire morning "get ready" routine taken care of. and also still look like a human.

-i wouldn't have split ends caused by color/bleach damage because i would still be rocking my mousy, ashy blonde, natural hair color.

-i would sing the man parts of duet songs and not sound like an idiot.

-i would want to be Christian Bale and Michael Phelps and Ryan Gosling.

-i would  eat whatever the flapjack i wanted. and i would justify it by reminding myself that i went for a run last week. and it would actually be fine. and then i would eat some more.

-i would not live in fear of public bathrooms and the absolutely impossible idea of getting an STD from sitting on a toilet seat.

-i would NEVER need a stepping stool to get tupperware down from the highest cabinet in the kitchen.

-i would not use tupperware. 

-i would have a crush on Taylor Swift and Emma Stone.

-i would manscape.

-i would treat girls the way they ought to be treated.

-i would NEVER, ever, ever use a girl or lead her on. ever.

-i would sing One Direction alone in the car.

and i would totally wish that i were a girl.


lyrics: if i were a boy, i think i could understand how it feels to love a girl. i swear i'd be a better man.


  1. haha love it, especially one direction and treating girl nicely!!

  2. Yay for correct grammar! I would totally eat whatever the flapjack I wanted, too.

    "Stalking" you from the Peacoats & Plaid facebook page :) Now following!

  3. Amen to manscaping and no split ends!! Great minds, sister. This post made me laugh, I'm now following!

  4. Love this! I think I may need to follow !

  5. Haha, this is a great post! I love that you started out with the grammar error :) & I would totally eat whatever I wanted because boys never gain weight like girls!! :) Visiting from Pretty Living!