November 18, 2012

birthday and llamas. or alpacas.

(husband and me circa 2006)

i'm the worst wife ever. 
and i know that because yesterday was my husband's birthday and i didn't make a single social media shout out to him.

go ahead. judge me. 
i'll pull out my whatever llama

(or is it an alpaca? i never know..)

so i'm a day late.
get over it.
anyways, i'm officially married to an old man.
twenty five yurrs old.  

that sort of blows my mind.
because i met him at 18. in fact, that picture up there was taken on garrett's 19th birthday. we had just finished playing laser tag with a group of friends. (thus the slight sheen of sweat glistening upon our faces.) and were about to leave to go continue the celebration at IHOP. because we were the highest class college freshmen in the history of ever. 

so forgive me as i get cheeseball here for a minute and say that my husband is amazing and i love him.
and i'm glad that he was born. 
and i'm glad that he's in my life. 
and i'm glad i've been able to celebrate his birthday with him
(though at a distance sometimes) for 7 years. 

and i guess if i have to get old and gross,
i'm pretty good with it being with him.
and i'm pretty good with him getting old and gross first. 


lyrics: darling, don't be afraid. i have loved you for a thousand years. i'll love you for a thousand more. 


  1. You're way adorable. Love this and every blog post of yours!

  2. You guys look so great together!! :)

  3. haha! I feel like I've always been married to an old man--my guy was already 26 when we got married. Everyone else seems to have such young husbands! :P