November 12, 2012

i'm a cool mom.

remember when i started this thing and then quickly and efficiently began slacking on it?
i know, right?
reliable and all that jazz.

well, i'm back on it. it won't be every single day.
because ain't nobody got time for dat.

but today's question is:
Describe your relationship with your parents.
(not actually a question, is it?)

(insert heavy, thoughtful exhale here)
(how many parenthetic statements do you think i can write in a row before it becomes unnecessary/superfluous/annoying?)
(i'm stalling...)

my relationship with my parents.
how does anyone really describe that?
it's the longest relationship in my life. so how do i summarize that without sounding short or uncaring but also keeping it at a reasonable reading length?
bleh. this is hard.
my relationship with my parents is great.

i spent a vast majority of my high school days with them rather than with my friends.
i wasn't the coolest kid in those days, and i didn't exactly have friends/boys beating down my door to hang out with me. so my weekends and evenings were spent at dinner with my parents. or at the movies with my parents (sometimes just by myself.) or most often, just hanging out in our house with my parents. we watched movies a lot.

i loved my parents in high school.
i wasn't embarassed of them.
i wasn't embarassed when they told me my mom was pregnant (when i was 14) .
i wasn't embarassed to be seen with them.
and i didn't really even hate spending most every weekend home with them.
i mean sometimes i wanted to go out, but you know. that's normal.
but honestly, my parents are pretty cool.

i mean..not as cool as Regina George's parents...but you know...

however,the night before i took the SAT, my mom and i stayed up way too late watching First Wives Club and eating a whole bag of Sweet Tart jelly beans.

(side note: it is sweet tart jelly beans or bust. none of that starburst jelly bean crap.)

it was a pretty fantastic night. 
and i loved not feeling pressure about taking the SAT.
and for the record, i actually got a good score.
my parents were always excellent at making me feel like i could do something. 
and like i was okay just the way i was.
and they knew that my best was my best.
even if my best was only a C (oh, chemistry. i could write a blog post on my relationship with you and it would only be one word. and that word would be ifreakinghateyou. )

i have always had what i think is an ideal relationship with my parents in that i respect them as my parents but am comfortable with them as though they were friends.
i love them.
i love them a lot.
they taught me well.
they raised me well.
they provided everything i needed and a vast majority of what i wanted.
they told me they loved me.
they showed me they loved me.
they created a home and a place of comfort for me as i grew up.
and i still love going back to that place, even if the actual location changes.

trying to describe your relationship with your parents is difficult.
there's a lot of emotion.
there's a lot of explaining.

but it's good.
it's strong.
i love them. they love me. 
and when they move to st. george (very soon) i will cry.
i will definitely cry.
because being away from them is harder than just being away from the people who raised me.
it's being away from my friends.
but it's better than just being friends.
because i'll never lose touch. 
because they're my parents forever.
and i'm happy about that.

and i think that defines my relationship with them better than any story or explanation ever could.
i will be with them forever. and that makes me happy.


lyrics: and I know that sometimes i'm hard to love, and as i grow..i'm sure that i am not enough. But even when i let you down i hope that i can help you see, the parts of you, are the best parts of me.

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