October 3, 2012

to the batmobile!

so it's october.

it has been for a few days now.

and for the record, i love, love,love halloween.
love it.
i've met a number of people in my day that actually "hate" halloween.
and i'm like wtf? what is there to hate?
let me brake this down for you Joey Tribbiani style:
candy? good. parties? good. costumes? goooood.

so seriously. when there's so much to love, what is there to hate?

one fall, while i was in Provo, (and when i should have been worrying more about my studies) i bought my halloween costume the first week of classes. and i convinced my dear friend/roommate to do the same. and then when october rolled around and everyone else was raiding the old DI on State St. for an acceptable costume to wear to their ward party and then also to the party in the parking garage of Alpine Village, we (and our other dear friend/roommate) got to sit back, relax and watch Hocus Pocus.

every. day. of. october.

(me and ashley. in our pre-purchased-way cheaper than buying the month of october halloween costumes.)

guys, i'm not making that up.

we watched it every day. and we didn't get sick of it.
you know why?
because it is hysterical.
(and you mark my word, on some future fantastic halloween,the three of us WILL dress up as the Sanderson sisters.)

Ashey and our friend Grace (who came down from Idaho for the halloween festivities) and I even got to watch Hocus Pocus on halloween night because one of the random parties/ haunted houses in provo was actually projecting it onto a massive "screen" (and by screen, i mean several bed sheets sewn together and hung from the upstairs windows) for everyone outside/waiting to get into the haunted  house.

so naturally, we stole someone's seats on a couch outside (provo is fantastically weird and awesome) and sat and watched/quoted the movie.

and then a man wearing eyeliner (and i'm not so sure it was a costume) came over and tried to squeeze onto our outside couch and chat it up with us. MID MOVIE!

and we were like, dude, you creep us out, guyliner ain't yo thang and if you don't pipe down, we will sew your mouth shut with a dull needle.

ooooh snap. hocus pocus quote. what's up, witches?!

oh, and also we froze. because provo is frigid by the end of october.

(and thus begins the lowering of my immune system, leading me to be diagnosed with the swine flu a few weeks later.)

OH. and also, after a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up a fewitems of deliciousness, Grace (who was dressed as the most kick-a Bat Girl ever) made grocery store surveillance camer history as she left the store, one finger pointing in the air, shouting, "To the Batmobile!" and then lept forward towards the(pressure censored) automatic doors. in her gusto, however, she neglected to realize that in her leaping (and the removal of contact between her body and the floor) the doors would not automatically open for her, because she was not applying any pressure to the mat.

so yes,in short, she shouted "To the Batmobile!" and then lept straight into a closed door.




(i couldn't pick just one gif. they were all so fitting.)

if it were actually possible to die from laughing, i would have in that moment. 

but whenever we bring it up now, grace just pretends like it's not hilarious and yells at us in a "listen! that door was broken.." sort of way. exactly the same way she did that night.
grace, i love you.
i miss those halloween night shennanigans.


lyrics: come, little children, i'll take thee away into a land of enchantment.

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  1. i love that movie so much. so. much. and i too watch it as many times as possible during halloween season.

    my roommate doesn't get it. is it a southern thing? i'm not sure. but the only people who've ever heard of, and love it as much as me, are people from back home.

    mostly though, i think it's just one more reason we're the coolest.

    and great story, by the way. i looked like lindsey lohan in my cubicle at work when i read that she jumped into the door.