October 6, 2012

big news.

i have to.
i am filled with too much emotion to not.

this morning, as i sat on my parent's couch and turned on the BYU channel and pulled out my clipboard and pencil, i was feeling very grateful and happy to be watching General Conference. something seemed special and again, i was very happy to be watching.

Conference opened with you know, just one of my favorite hymns, How Firm a Foundtion and i immediately knew it was going to be good. no, better than good. it was going to be great.

and then President Thomas S. Monson stood up to make general church announcements. a new temple would be built in tucson, arizona and a new temple would be built in peru. i always love hearing about new temples.

and then he announced new missionary ages for young men and young women.
for as long as i have lived, young men left for their missions at age 19 and young women, if they chose to serve, left at age 21.
but the Lord's work is moving forward.
and ages have been changed.
young men will be leaving at 18, after high school graduation.
young women will be leaving at 19.

and my face looked just like this kids:

as a sidenote, i love the lds memes that come after general conference.

it was an incredible thing to witness these changes being made. my mind was blown. i was loving what was being said. and then i realized how different my life may have been had these changes been  established when i was 18 years old. and truly, without any doubt in my mind, i would have served a mission had i been able to leave at 19.

but i am not bitter or angry. i honestly am so pleased to be witnessing the Lord's work, missionary work, going full speed. i love seeing a Prophet of God declare revelation that has been provided for the world.

i was so moved. so happy. and i am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. i am grateful to witness te beginning of something amazing.

and to quote Elder Jeffery R. Holland,
"i love missionaries...i just plain love them."


lyrics: fear not, i am with thee, oh be not dismayed. for i am thy God and will still give thee aid.


  1. yeah, you probably would have served a mission, but the real question is... wouldn't Garrett have gone on a mission rather than coming to SVU to meet you? If that's the case, you should probably thank the stars that this revelation came into effect when it did. I am sure that Garrett does at least...