September 21, 2012

baby brother

so it's just that i have the cutest little brother ever.
if you don't believe me you can check out his cute little toothless face for yourself.

and in addition to being toothless, he is also a total sweet heart. 
yes, he has his eight year old moments of weird and loud. 
but he really does have such a tender heart.  and he makes me laugh a lot.

and yesterday he saw me right as i was about to go workout (yes, i'm still getting insane erryday).
i didn't look totally heinous (yet) but it was that right-on-the-verge-of-becoming-a-hot-mess look. 
i was in the middle of pulling my hair into a ponytail when he looked at me for a long moment and then said, "katie, do you know what i think is the most beautiful thing about you?" 
and i said (somewhat hesitantly and semi-worried that the eight year old weird would come out in this moment), "...what's that?"
and he replied,"your eyes."

and then he got up from where he was sitting, walked over to the fridge, poured himself a glass of milk, took a sip, ran to the sink and spit it out and exclaimed, "ughhh gross! that milk tasted like cheese!"

not regular milk. 
(or "regleur milk" if you're pronouncing it the way he did when he was 4)

oh, little brother. you are such a keeper.


lyrics: it's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most.


  1. That is darling! I can't even believe he's an 8 year old! Where did time go?! Oh...and your eyes are quite the beaut. :)