October 11, 2012

fall: a photo dump

i mentioned this previously, but garrett got his new mac book pro. 
and he was a happy little boy.
so i documented. really, i'm just practicing for christmas/birthday mornings when i have kids. turns out i suck and people move to fast when they're opening packages.

i like him with his semi-sleepy/it's still early face. 
not so much with his "kate, i can't do this any slower. you're no good at this" face.

as though he's actualy surprised. he totally knew what it was.

in other news, fall has made it's presence in the wessman home. well, our feeble attempt at decorations has made it's presence...

seriously. go smell it. and then try not to purchase it. 

pumpkin pillow with a perfect gilly foot? yes, please.

chances of this lasting until halloween? zero.  
we all love the fall weather.
and bars on our windows...

a halloweeny wreath.

and all this beautiful fall weather has resulted in me doing lots of baking, wearing closed toe shoes and shnuggling on the love sac with garrett, gilly and a cozy blanket.

these ended up being delicious white chocolate pumpkin cupcakes wth white chocolate cream cheese frosting and a salted caramel glaze. nom nom nom.

judge me. i don't even care.

mmm....i love fall.
what is your fall looking like?


lyrics: but don't turn out the light this time. don't turn out the light on me tonight.

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