July 30, 2012

where you thinking you're going, baby?

alright. let's get down the brass tacks.
still no computer.
i'm becoming more amish by the minute.
if i don't get this under control, i will have curly sideburns in a matter of days.

currently, i am in spartanburg again. garrett and i have set out on a big, long journey to everywhere. and even though we're only at the beginning of the journey, i'm already slightly overwhelmed.
we had to come to south carolina first to drop Gilly off with my sister and brother in law while garrett and i fly out to california for 2 weeks. but before we fly to california, we have to drive over to Atlanta (where we will stay with my other sister and brother in law) and fly out from the Atlanta airport.

once we're in California, we will spend a few days in garrett's home town in southern california and then pile into a car and drive up to northern california for a week long lake trip. i think we're all pretty excited about this part. (minus the car drive business. i'm fairly certain by the end of this whole shin dig i'll be a little car-tripped out.) because after that week, we will drive back down and stay at the in-law homestead for another week. then we will fly back to atlanta, then drive back to south carolina. then drive home to savannah.

whew. i'm exhausted just typing it.
but it will be good. it's always good seeing family. and vacations that involve swimmy suits are usually pretty darn good.

things have been happening and i wish i could write them all but time does not permit it just yet. but the olympics have started and aside from being completely mind-blown that 4 years have passed since the last summer olympics, i am loving the fact that they're back again. but i can't talk too much about them because i get all sorts of heated up about how much i still love michael phelps and how little i like ryan lochte. but whatever. Team USA is doing fine and hopefully we can scrounge up a couple hundred gold medals in the next two weeks.

here's hoping.  and here's hoping i can update this sooner rather than later. because again, i miss blogging. and all of my readers. by the by: i have 100 followers! and i know that most people will think that is lame. but it warms my tender heart.

in other news: i am a little over halfway done with the Insanity workout and it is kicking my hiney. but i feel good and it's cool to see how hard i can push myself. maybe i'll be brave and post all of my pictures one day. but i fear the judgement. so...we'll see.

and in other, other news: i have had Call Me Maybe stuck in my head for like 3 days now.
thank you very much, USA Olympic Swim team.

oh, it's too much. i just love them.

love to you all.

lyrics: i'd trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss.

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