August 29, 2012

the suit case life.

i know, i know.
i complain for like 49 months straight about not having a computer to blog on and then i get one and i don't blog.
it's like that movie Cast Away.
you go without something for so long and then you finally come home to a bed and you choose to sleep on the floor. and somewhere in there, you befriend a volleyball and grow a crazy beard.


anyways, i'm vowing to be better at this, because a lot has happened. (i think i've mentioned that before) and i don't want to forget it just because i'm still mentally stuck on a computerless island.

and for the record (since i got a concerned text from a dear friend the last time i said "a lot of things have happened") no, that phrase does not mean i am with child. and again, catherine, you would not find out via lame blog post if i were. :)

this summer has just been a whirlwind. and i'm sure a lot of people say that, but i honestly mean it. it's hard to keep track of everything and to remember where i've been. i think i have slept in my bed at my house a total of two weeks since May. crazy, right? it has made handing over our rent check fairly difficult.

garrett and i have been all over the place. and just when it seems like it's going to start settling down, something else happens and we're off again. i'm not complaining. it's just busy.

and living out of a suit case can be difficult after so long.

i'll go into further detail with each event, but right now i'll just list it out so i can keep track of it all.

in june garrett and i went to south carolina to visit my sister and her family.

we stayed for 2 weeks. it was a blast. we had so much fun and the day before we left, my sister and i started the Insanity workout.

about a week after we got home from south carolina, garrett and i had to pack up and head out to my parent's house to stay for 3  weeks while my mom left to go to Arizona to take care of some family things. the details of this story deserve more than just a summary or a short re-cap of events. i assure you there will be more about this.

during our 3 week stay at my parent's house, we celebrated the fourth of july, caught a rattlesnake and continued the Insanity workout.

after my mom came home and we went back to our house, we had less than a week to do laundry, clean up our house and pack again for another 3 week trip.

that trip took us from georgia to south carolina (again) -to drop Gilly off with my sister to Atlanta (where my other sister set up like 9 hair appointments for me to knock out in our 24 hour stay with her before we left) to California-where we traveled, what felt like, every inch of the entire state. when we came home from 2 weeks in Atlanta, we headed back to my parent's house and stayed a week there to help my parents take care of my grandma who got very injured while we were traveling and is (at least temporarily) living with them. it's a long story, but it require my poor mother to fly, once again, out to Arizona and to drive back to Georgia with my grandma.

we've been taking trips out to my parent's house at least every other day since we left last friday to go back to our poor, neglected and super dusty house.

guys-do you see why i've been so absent?

it's been cray.

and i'll give more details soon.

and a lot of pictures from california. because it was fun. and my hair is a hot, hot mess in almost every picture and i figure if i'm going to be completely absent from my blog for like 2 years i might as well make it up to all my readers by giving them a snapshot of me in all my nappy glory.

in the mean time, just enjoy this picture of gilly as a wee pup that i found while i was putting my life back onto a computer. just 2 months old. and so. freaking. cute.

oh, and for the record, despite all that traveling and chaos, i did finish the Insanity workout and am currently on round two. heyyo!!


lyrics: but all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity. like emptiness in harmony, i need someone to comfort me. 


  1. What a lovely post! And I laughed out loud at the first paragraph there, it's so true. I would be the person who complains about not having a bed, and then when I finally get one I opt out f using it. So me.

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