June 7, 2012

a van down by the river.

you may or may not know that last sunday was the MTV movie awards.
but garrrett and i spent sunday at my parent's house watching multiple episodes of both The Office and How It's Made with my dad and eating way more candy than i care to admit.

side note: umm..i love How It's Made. a lot.like a whole lot. and there are 7 seasons on Netflix for you to watch endlessly. so you should do it.

anyways, so we didn't watch the movie awards sunday night. but since mtv provides countless reruns of things like award shows for the next month, we were able to watch it monday night.

in short, these are my thoughts:
1) the crowd was weirdly dead. like no one was laughing. and granted Russell Brand's monologue was a bit sketchy in places, some of it was pretty funny and i thought it was weird that no one in the audience was laughing. i suspect they were all busy tweeting about the events.

2) i really hate the awkward acting dialogues that go on between the presenters. these people are supposed to be actors. their lame presenting is a real downer on their resume. and since i'm an obvious important opinion within hollywood, i think that's saying something.

3) i was pleasantly surprised and quite pleased with how well Fun. and Wiz Khalifa performed live.

4) i object to Breaking Dawn getting Best Kiss (and even more i object to Kristen Stewart's acceptance speech. i suffered severe secondhand embarrassment because of that speech.) and as much as i love, love, love The Hunger Games (and you know i love The Hunger Games) i really feel it should have gone to Harry Potter for one reason: it was 10 years in the making.

5) i love Emma Stone.

not only is she beautiful and funny and classy (the trifecta of female qualities that are about as rare as a two dollar bill) but she is gracious, too. and when she was given the first ever Trailblazer award, she was kind and lovely and she accepted it with tears and gratitude (which is a far cry from Kristen's aforementioned acceptance speech). and pretty much ever since i heard  her speech, i have been dwelling on something she said and positively loving it. and if i were graduating in 2013, i would use part of it as my senior quote.

here is my favorite part: But that you’ll continue to harness your own originality and what makes you unique 'cause I know that when you’re a teenager — sometimes when you’re an adult — what sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot of the time, it’s what makes you great. So I kind of sound like I live in a van down by the river right now". 

....not much i can say after that except amen, sista. and i love you, miss stone for your fearlessness and individuality. and i love, love, love that she made a reference to Chris Farley's motivational speaking character, Matt Foley.

and thanks, emma. you're a real gem.


lyrics: in the religion of the insecure, i must be myself, respect my youth.


  1. I have really been craving candy recently. Which is weird since I usually do not...love you!

  2. I really want to know who actually votes for these awards sometimes. I mean really...Twilight? Again, seriously? Glad you didn't miss out on How It's Made to watch the awards show Sunday night!