June 5, 2012

made in the 90's.

well, well, well...
look who it is.
 yes, i'm back and i'm ready to share some fabulous tunes with you.

the music this week should be appreciated by a wide variety of people. 
or at least i'm hoping it is.
and i'll probably be judging you Peeta Mellark style if you don't appreciate it.

so here's the deal.
i sort of hate the radio.
weird, right? i mean..considering how much i love music. 
but really it just grates on my nerves. mostly because i would be willing to bet that in the past year i have never listened to the radio for a 30 minutes period of time and NOT heard Adele, Katy Perry or Bruno Mars. in fact, i would probably be willing to bet that in those 30 minutes it's probably only those 3 artist and car commercials (which i loathe).
and when one decent and legitimately good song makes it to the radio, it catches and spreads like the spanish influenza and ends up being about as awesome.
and then the radio station goes and plays Nickleback and it's like they're begging me to either drive off a cliff or turn it off and drive in silence. 
and sometimes that's just what i do.(the latter, that is..)

(i know what you're thinking. what kind of archaic beast still listens to the radio and doesn't just play their ipod in the car? well, give me some tusks and call me a wooly mammoth, because my car doesn't even play cd's. and on the rare occasion that my ipod is charged enough that i can play it through my station finding device, i can usually only hold on to a station for like 12 minutes before it gets fuzzy and i lose my mind.) 

anyways, what i'm trying to say is that the radio sort of blows these days.
it's two thirds club music and one third crappy crap.
there's no diversity. there's no meaning.

but it wasn't always like this. 
and i know it wasn't always like this, because i remember it.
and i honestly don't think the radio has ever or will ever be as fabulous or as diverse or as freaking awesome as it was in the 90's 

i seriously love 90's music so fracking much. 
it is everything music should be. it's raw and it's different. it's diverse and it's broad. 
"it's existential...yet, it's so accessible."
(someone please name that movie.)

and those are sort of essential ingredients for good music in my book.
and in addition to all of that, for me, it's full of memories.
yes, they're elementary school memories. 
but they're still memories. 
so what if The Freshmen always makes me think of this time when it was stuck in my head and i was singing it on the way to my 3rd grade art class.
so what if i used to sing Livin' La Vida Loca on the playground with my friends.
so what if i didn't  have even the slightest clue that Semi-Charmed Life was about a meth addiction.
(and honestly, who did? i mean..i think they fooled more than just the 9 year old me with that happy doot doot doot tune.)
it was an awesome song and when it came on the radio, i would turn it up.
(which obviously means i would yell from the back of the van and ask my mom to turn it up.)

...this van.
(that was a majestic ride...)

the point of all of this is that i love the 90's.
and yes, i was young. but i really can't think of a better time to grow up.
(because seriously? what was a childhood if it didn't include Dunkaroos or Nano Babies?)
and i'm thankful to have such amazing songs sewed into all of my childhood memories.
isn't it funny how music has a way of making completely non-significant moments become memories?
i think so. which is why i dedicated this week's Tune in Tuesday to a playlist of 199 of the best songs to ever sound through the radio.

oh, and adding to the awesome of this post, you should also check out this website:
48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old.
because it made me want to die laugh a lot.

oh, i love the 90's.
(and umm..was i the only one who wanted to be Alex Mack?)


lyrics: here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well. here's to the nights we felt alive.

ps. i'm fairly certain Taylor Hanson would have loved me the way i loved him if only we had ever met. just saying.

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  1. hate the radio, too...the only time I can stand listening is at 6am, on my way to work, when my fav morning show is on...No music, just funny people...Otherwise, it's terrible.