June 13, 2012


it's been a minute since i posted.
but it's not just because i've been a total garden slug. things have actually been going on.
currently, i'm in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. the birthplace of my sweet baby Gilly.

oh. interesting. you say you've never heard of Boiling Springs? i find that odd. especially when you consider the fact that the 8th wonder of the world resides here in Boiling Springs.
behold. the boiling spring.
so yes, we're in boiling springs, south carolina. garrett, gilly and i road tripped it up here a few days ago to visit my sister, brother in law, nephew and niecepup. gilly isn't completely used to road trips and it took us quite a bit longer to make the 4 hour drive because someone had a couple of anxiety attacks in the back seat. i won't name names, but she's the one with a tail.
road trip.

about a quarter of the way into the drive, i realized garrett had neglected to put a bag of toiletries into our suitcase (like he said he would) and i anxiously stressed the rest of the drive about how much money we were going to have to spend to make me not look like a greasy freak for the whole trip. i don't really do so well without face wash and dry shampoo and i hadn't planned on wearing just my glasses the entire time. luckily, when we arrived at my sister's house we realized that we did have a lot of the toiletries we thought were in that bag and it was really just my contacts that were missing. classic.

...so yes, i went to the eye doctor here in South Carolina, i got my eyes checked and dilated,a new prescription and some new contacts. i'm pretty lame. but i needed an eye appointment anyways. why not do it here?
yipes. that's a big pupil.

anyways, garrett, gilly and i have had a lot of fun since we've been here. 
gilly has really blossomed into a water dog and it's been lots of fun to see her romp and play with her cousin Winnie in various rivers and ponds.

cutest. pups. ever.
and it's extra fun to see how exhausted they get after a day of swimming and fetching and chasing and jumping. one day, gavin decided to play the role of mother and tuck those sleepy pups into bed. it was just about the cutest thing i've ever beheld.
gilly take 1.
gilly take 2. she seriously barely woke up for any of this.
winnie was a little more bothered by the whole thing. but she was still precious.
you're a good sport, winnie dog.

a very good sport.
and she really is, because a few days ago she cut her paw real bad in a pond and she has been limping and hopping and club-footing it like a champ. but sometimes, it's just tiring to have a club foot. and in those times, she is just so cute i can't not pull out my camera and take pictures of her.

poor ninnie. 

it's been hard to see her so pathetic, and last night even gilly cuddled her and gave her get-well kisses. it was almost too much to handle. i didn't document. mostly because your heart would melt if you saw it. 

today we went into Greenville. i don't think it's far from Boiling Springs at all, but having 4 people and a carseated baby packed into a jetta could make a trip to the grocery store feel like a road trip if you know what i mean. but it was really fun and really pretty and downtown Greenville was a lovely combination of the Gateway mall in Salt Lake and downtown Atlanta. i loved it.

jared, jackie and baby gavin.

garrett. he thinks he's pretty cool.

my head is where birds go to lay their eggs.
that's mostly all i have to report and share right now. except that i have watched an abnormal amount of Friends, jackie made cookie dough that tastes exactly like pralines and i think i might never want to go home.i know this post was pretty cheesy, but sometimes i just want to document life. and i guess this was one of those times. 

i'm going to go watch another season of Friends or something.. because jackie and jared own all seasons of Friends and i just love that show too much to not watch 7 episodes back to back to back. judge me. i don't care. 


lyrics: keep your eyes shut, i just can't stand to say goodbye.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry your waggly-tailed-one had an anxiety attack. I'm so glad mine LOVES car rides (so much that he often tries to jump into strangers' cars if they open the door as we walk by). Sounds like a fun trip, though! :)

  2. Aww loving your sweet blog. And your dog is so cute! How is it I've never heard of Boiling Springs? Lol : ) And I'm happy that you were able to work out the toiletries thing, I totally relate to that. I always seem to forget at least one vital thing when I pack!

  3. Just found you! So glad I did!

    I swear whenever I go ANYWHERE, I always end up in instacare for some reason or another, so I hear you on that one! :) I am totally forgetful too!

    Never heard of Boiling SPrings either... and now I'll go look it up :)

    Eager to get to know you!

  4. hi there!! newest follower to your blog. i forget how i stumbled here but am so glad i did! love your blog design - so cute :) cant wait to read more from you and would love if you followed me back!

  5. Those pups are adorable! Mine always has an anxiety attack when it comes to car rides, and I've never figured out why! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower! xo